9HD breaks out with Jeannie

jeannielookingFrom today 9HD begins break-out programming in daytimes, with a mix of movies, sitcoms and repeat screenings of its network brands.

Beginning at 11am today Nine has Charlie’s Angels and Elvis movies and from Monday its Just Shoot Me, Seinfeld, a Brooke Shields movie, Domestic Blitz, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie ending at 4:30pm. Breakout programming resumes at 10:30pm.

The afternoon trend continues through to Friday adding repeats of RPA, What’s Good For You and Getaway.

Saturday will remain a simulcast.

Nine is expected to launch an entertainment brand on Channel 99 around October this year, tipped to be known as GO!


  1. Not happy with some of the language in today’s movie as I flicked past. My kids don’t need to hear that. The movie wasn’t even in widescreen.

  2. It’s all a bit of a mess on WIN. Their commercial breaks are much louder than the shows themselves. Sometimes they remember to stick their solid blue watermark over the transperent Nine watermark, sometimes not. Sometimes they remember to play their promos and scenery loop during the ad breaks, sometimes they forget and we get Nine promos and commercials. They’re even cutting off a few seconds before the ad break to play a promo, then we cut to a nine promo that’s half over… Looks shonky but hey – that’s Win for you!

  3. I never realised that Sidney Sheldon the EP of I Dream of Jeannie was such a progressive producer. I mean to make a HD quality program back in 1965 is the mark of a really great producer !!!

    Sooner or later, Freeview is going to get done for misleading advertising. A 44 year old program is the best that can be offered on a HD Channel!. The only thing saving Freeview is Today Tonight and ACA are both on channels that are part of Freeview and their EP’s are too gutless to take on their own brand

  4. Not high quality but maybe it will inspire this country to get off it’s fat coach potato ar$e and go outside for a dose of Vitamin D.

  5. Just spoke to a gentleman at NBN who said NBN was not going to run breakaway Nine programming “in the near future”.

    When quizzed on why NBN’s new HD logo is on the Freeview site, and how it is misleading viewers, he just went quiet.

    Freeview and the broadcasters need to pull their fingers out of their backsides *now* before more and more people just simply turn to pay-tv and never come back.

  6. OMG, to think I almost shelled out for a new HDTV on the weekend, to watch sport, 1940’s movies on 7 and this on 9. The Crawford library is owned by WIN. They’ve run (or are running) Div.4, Matlock, Skyways, Sullivans, Flying Doctors, Carson’s Law, etc. around 2am-4am, as they refuse to run Peter Popoff (LOL) from 9. 7 & 9 could do much better but they don’t want to dilute their audience from their main channels. I love WINHD tho’. They run the occasional program in HD but without commercials – covered by wallpaper of “Mogo Zoo”. Much better than the revolting, screaming Harvey Norman comms.

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