Airdate: TAC Cup Future Stars

hutchyChannel Nine will add yet another AFL football show to its stable with TAC Cup Future Stars focusing on the under-age football competition, the TAC Cup. It will feature a mix of game highlights, interviews and analysis of the top prospects coming through the AFL system.

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission, which previously sponsored the summer factual series Sudden Impact, has joined up as a major sponsor.

The program will be hosted by Craig Hutchison, whose production company, Crocmedia, is also behind the project. Panellists will include former Hawthorn forward Ben Dixon and the AFL’s “youth guru”, Kevin Sheehan. Sports broadcaster Angela Pippos will report from the field.

“The TAC Cup has been creating champions on the field and safer drivers on the road for the last 18 years. This show will be a great addition to Channel Nine’s footy lineup. This is also a great opportunity to showcase tomorrow’s stars while promoting safe driving messages for young drivers,” Hutchison said.

It premieres Sunday, May 10 at 1.00pm on Nine (states to be confirmed).


  1. Agree with john. how can the jets lose 16 players from the previouse year. not being biased at all, a mate of mine, abdul jawad, was being played out of position week in week out. Coach tells him his spot is up for grabs before the match. how can the coach expect him to play good while his under so much pressure. he now plays for spotswood seniors, kicking plenty of goals and getting heaps of disposals in the midfield.
    Coach should be looked at, definately.

  2. I have to agree that there is not enough on this show about the young kids playing TAC cup, it’s always AFL players that have come through this comp.
    Also it should definitely be on the internet so people from all over Australia have
    the opportunity to check out the awesome talent.

  3. can anyone tell me why the jets have lost 16 players off there list this year ?why do they walk away is it because no one down there knows what there doing.if the afl runs this tac cup …why arnt they looking at the coach .thats why they have only won three games…….and things dont look like getting better…

  4. Sick of hearing about those gone before. thought it was supposed to be about this years eligible draftees. its all about the under 17 prospects and nothing about the poor 18 year olds who if everyone has forgotten are eligible to be drafted this year. with the sunday footy show before hand for two hours u would think they would have enough afl coverage without cramming more in on future stars and leave the one and only hour for the 14 teams in the actual TAC cup.just a note * i agree looking over seas for more talent is making a young aussie dream of making AFL slimmer and slimmer why can’t we focus more in our own backyard. i’m sure if we gave our own every attention and specialised coahing we would have great talent right here

  5. why is it called tac future stars when you get all these afl player interviews every week?,if u run out of things why not talk about the tac teams abit for the father son rule the afl should scrap it a player knowing his father played afl there more or less got a spot in the much attention on them and not on other players..time we looked at performace not the surname….no different in going out of austraila looking for talent its a joke..we have plenty of talent in our backyard……..

  6. Channel 9 is the free to air provider of NRL and should be concentrating it resources on the NRL product and not AFL. I think this means that there are more AFL shows on 9 then NRL, Australia wide. It is bazar they waste the opportunity of showing NRL at a decent time on Friday and Saturday in Melb, Perth. It is shown those places at 12.30am the next day.

    I can not understand why 9 are supporting AFL so much, as there is no way they will win the rights to broadcast AFL from 7 and 10. I think the executives at 9 are worried that if Melb/Perth viewers are exposed to NRL, they will stop supporting AFL.

  7. What about talking about the 1st final games eastern v geelong. Eastern beat the favourites and nothing was mentioned. Dandenong won and nothing was mentioned. I thought the show was about these kids. Disappointed in the format

  8. sorry dont agree its not all about goals””””maybe you’ll relize that later on.there’s 22 players on game day”””””””””””””””

  9. James Taylor

    On the last episode of TAC cup future stars, Kym Taylor from the under 16 Western Jets who elevated to the 18’s kicked five goals against Dandenong Stingrays. I think should have got more votes.

  10. i think it needs to focus more on country teams like ballarat and bendigo. they are very highly skilled kids who are getting over looked by metro teams, as normal, please do a whole show on those two teams they really do deserve it. It would also do the players the world of good.

  11. hi great idea for young footballers.nice to see something different..wanting to know how i can see last episode as we missed it.sunday 31/5/2009..thx john

  12. i personally want 9 to have the afl back. channel 7 make footy boring which i didnt know was possible. 9 actualy made every friday night football an ‘event’ and bought much excitement to the audience. 7 commentators are so stale and the special comments are horrible providing little to no insight into the game.

  13. More proof that 9 do everything to please the AFL including not showing the NRL Grand Final rematch into Melbourne till 12am. 9 should remember which sport they have the rights to and I certainly hope they don’t have those rights next time.

  14. koverstreet

    Nine will definately get the rights back in 2012 this is no doubt.

    As for this show it looks good but i don’t like my chances of seeing it in brisbane.

  15. @Johnson. what i should have said was ‘outside of Victoria’. That’s my point, the TAC Cup is a Victorian competition so this show will be all about future AFL stars….from Victoria. It’s typical Victorian crap who still fail to acknowledge that it is the AFL now, not VFL. We do play footy here in SA too, and we do have an under 18 comp as well.

    And i hope Nine do not get the footy back in 2012. Eddie McGuire, James Brayshaw, Sam Newman, Shane Crawford all commentating. No thanks.

  16. Jed: I think you misunderstand. The TAC Cup is a 15-team competition based on geographic regions throughout country Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne with a team representing each of the 12 Victorian regions, plus teams from NSW/ACT, Tasmania and Gold Coast. So you definitely will see some young talent from Victoria.
    I think the TAC Cup program is Nine’s first step to regain the AFL TV rights in 2012.

  17. So what there’s no future AFL stars out of Victoria. Typical Victorian crap. And enough of Hutchy, he’s the worst journalist going around.

  18. Craig Hutchison – what does everyone see in this man. I find him most annoying and cannot get why people think he is the ‘Best’.

    And to have his own little segment, away from Sam Newman, each Thursday on the Footy Show : pathetic. What were Channel 9 and Gary Lyon thinking – to allow that to happen, is a disgrace.

    Stand up and be counted Craig… stop with the mindless and ill informed rubbish you go on with.

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