Airdate: Trishna & Krishna: The Quest for Separate Lives

Seven will soon be bringing us the 90 minute documentary Trishna & Krishna: The Quest for Separate Lives following the two conjoined twins from Bangladesh whose amazing separation captured the imagination of the country.

Filmed across three years, this special is narrated by Rebecca Gibney and profuced by WTFN Productions (Bondi Vet, Mercurio’s Menu, Sudden Impact).

This is the incredible true story of tiny conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna, abandoned just after birth at an orphanage in Bangladesh. They were joined at the back of the head and shared blood vessels between their brains.

With exclusive access, WTFN’s cameras have followed every step of this extraordinary human and medical drama. We see Trishna and Krishna’s individual personalities emerge as outgoing, energetic and playful little girls. Heart warming scenes of birthday celebrations and developmental milestones balance the exhaustive cycle of surgery and recovery.

This documentary also features the remarkable team of neurosurgeons, anaesthetists, cardiologists and plastic surgeons who painstakingly planned and performed the marathon surgery.

Updated: Now airing 6:30pm Sunday February 7th.


  1. I had to work last night and missed out on seeing the little darlings Trishna & Krishna on TV. Well I do want 2 see this show when where n how………

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