Returning: Bondi Vet

Bondi Vet-Season 8-Episode1-0

Season 8 of Bondi Vet begins this Saturday on TEN and features the very same twins who recently appeared on Inside Story.

Dr Chris Brown performs an extraordinary transformation on a cormorant bird that is missing half its top beak. He refines a technique first tried out by his dad and calls on local surfboard shapers in Bondi to help out.

With a combination of skill sets involved, will Chris be able to mend the bird’s broken beak?

It is not just humans who sometimes need hip replacements. Scoobie is only seven years old but he is already struggling to run and play like a normal dog.

After a number of examinations, Chris discovers Scoobie urgently needs a new hip to help him enjoy a pain free life.

6:30pm Saturday on TEN.

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  1. If I remember correctly the twins appeared on Talk to the Animals with Dr Chris many many moons ago so its not surprising they popped up on Bondi Vet !

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