Half a Betty

Sorry Betty, you're only going to screen once a week now, mostly because of Nine's factual winner.

Seven is removing Ugly Betty from Tuesdays now to play only on Thursdays as of next week, December 18.

The show only got 733,000 on Tuesday, beaten by Sudden Impact on 1.04m.

Instead Seven has decided to go head to head with factual series, Wild Vets and Coastwatch from Tuesday December 16.

That makes viewing tough for anyone wanting diversity of choice. Still Seven has knocked the show around this year, they shouldn’t be surprised by the low turn out.

Betty also won’t screen on Christmas Day, but returns January 1st.

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  1. [insert multiple swearwords] grrr!!
    I’m so sick of this show being on and off air!
    I totally sat down with excitement tonight to watch it.. but noooo.. more animal shows. My god! Can you tell i’m slightly angry.

  2. Yeah ads in downloads would be best option. But.. the option for premium downloads is tempting too, as not all shows are popular enough to be freely available. The net has proven that ads online don’t bring in enough money. The net has been considered promotional for the real thing, TV and DVD.

    Itunes and PS Store in the US have solid TV and movie download offerings. The PS Store has rental and purchase options too. That for me is the way forward. I’d like everything to be free but I know its just not the way things are.

    Thanks for that info about UB on DVD.

  3. jackie, gossip girl is on 9

    and it is summer, i would say that all of the networks have delivered a better than average lineup. but maybe thats because so many shows were canned during the year.

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