Airdate: Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact, another factual series built from road accidents will screen on television. This time on Nine over summer, with the focus on road trauma.

Produced by WTFN Entertainment, it has the distinction of being an advertiser-funded observational documentary to premiere on Tuesday December 9th in an early evening timeslot.

Nine has had a number of advertiser-funded series, mostly in weekend timeslots. WTFN has produced both Holidays for Sale, Shopping for Love, Bread and Bondi Vet, the latter coming to TEN.

WTFN managing director Daryl Talbot said the show would look at the impact of road trauma on people’s lives by rejoining accident survivors at relevant moments in their lives.

The 8 part series is fully funded by Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission.

Earlier this year The Herald Sun reported some insiders at the TAC were appalled by the decision to invest in the reality show, said to be up to $4m of taxpayer funds, but have not spoken publicly for fear of retribution.

Executive producer Wes Crook said the production would be like an amalgamation of New Zealand show Serious Crash Unit and Channel 7’s Medical Emergency.

Source: The Australian, Herald Sun


  1. My friend is one of those victims in this series who died in a car accident due to no fault of her own. Maybe when you people watch the program maybe you will think twice about the decisions your making. My tax payed dollar was well spent to teach people a lesson. And then maybe he would still be here.

  2. What is a waste of taxpayer money is the $150,000 it takes to conduct an autopsy, the umpteen thousands of dollars tied up in police attending a crash, emergency services, paramedics, police reports, coroner’s report, forensic medicine, crash site investigation, processing charges by police, public prosecutions, courts, probably lawyers, possibly jail and rehabilitation costs, conferencing, punishment, hospital care, emergency care, intensive care, rehab, carer benefits, sickness benefits, whatever else benefits, not to mention the other non-taxpayer $$$ for funeral, insurance companies, loss of work time, etc and the non-monetary costs to family, friends, communities x how much time – 1 year, 10 years, more???
    Congratulations TAC on a prudent spend of taxpayer dollars.

  3. To those of you who think this production was a waste of governement money, get a life! I actually acted in this series and understand how important it is to air this series which is 100% “factual” so grow up! and for f**k sake stop whinging!

  4. My friend is actually going to be on that show. She almost died from her car accident. If it stops one person from driving dangerously then its done its job. Lets watch it before we pass judgment.

  5. Yada yada yada, I reckon if it makes one person stop and think before they do wat they do sometimes, its well worth my hard earned tax dollar. Good on you
    guys for trying to make people think before they act………….

  6. Dear Neon Kitten,

    Check your facts – the TAC has it clearly stated in an Act of Parliament to promote road safety. I understand this is what they are trying to achieve with Sudden Impact – finding a new way to promote their valuable road safety messages to the public.

  7. WTFN Entertainment – the What The F*** Network? 🙂

    Organisations like the TAC should stay out of commercial TV production. It is not their role and it’s not where their funds are supposed to go.

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