Cancelled: Without a Trace, Privileged, Eleventh Hour.

Plus good news for Numb3rs, How I Met Your Mother, Gary Unmarried, Rules of Engagement, & Old Christine.

without-a-traceMore dire news from the US with several more shows meeting their ‘natural’ end (or not) including a biggie, Without a Trace.

CBS reportedly approved Numb3rs at the expense of Without A Trace because it’s less expensive to produce, according to Michael Ausiello.

The Anthony LaPaglia show has been running since 2002, but with that pesky global economic crisis there was talk both it and Cold Case were on notice due to their price tags, however the latter has been renewed.

CBS has also dropped Eleventh Hour and renewed How I Met Your Mother, Gary Unmarried, Rules of Engagement, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Meanwhile the CW has moved on from Privileged.

Source: EW.com

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  1. In response to CBS’s dreadful and shortsighted decision to not renew Eleventh Hour, a Campaign was formed to get it back on the air. If you love Eleventh Hour, and want it back on TV, please come and check out our site. We have already gotten several responses and feedback from other networks. We need each and every fan to help. Come and take a look!

  2. Ten will have the rights to it if it takes off, but there’s a new Fox show called Mental starting in the US this month, with 2 Aus actors (Jackie McKenzie, Chris Vance), that’s meant to be a ripoff of House, but in regards to mental illnesses, not the physical variety dealt with on House.

  3. Nine should have played out Without a Trace here before it became another dead show.. Same with Eleventh Hour, they should have premiered that before it became obvious it was going to be axed in the US.

  4. Nine’s Aus ratings for Without a Trace were on the decline in the last 2 or 3 years, but I’m sure Aus actors Anthony and Poppy won’t have problems
    getting film work and also get new, separate US shows

  5. ditto with Jerome – as long as we finally find out how Ted met the mother of his children – I’m happy. At least I have one of my faves avoiding the axe…phew!

  6. @ Sameer
    I think i saw gary unmarried in seven promos. not sure when it’ll start though. Either second half of the year, or maybe take over on mondays when HIMYM finishes?

  7. Hi David,
    Any idea who has picked up gary unmarried and if it will show it soon. It looks pretty good from a couple of eps I have seen.

    Great news on HIMYM and Numb3rs, my two favourite shows

  8. I think another factor for Without a Trace over numb3rs (which i started watching recently on DVD, quite a good show), is that numb3rs is on Fridays, while WAT is on Tuesdays. Numb3rs has a stable track record on a low-key night, and it would be a risky move to cancel numb3rs and have WAT flop. But whether it would drop a whole percentage point in the demo is doubtful, but i’m sure they thought of that when making the decision.

  9. “Without A Trace” is a “biggie”?

    It really barely registered on my TV show radar aside from being “yet another generic procedural show”. I recall watching episode 1 and being bored witless.

    Guess mediocrity rates these days (hence Law & Order becoming a 20-year franchise) while innovative television – TV that a ton of people who never get to contribute to the ratings will always watch religiously – is killed off and left to US pay TV.

    Ah well, I guess if I ever develop a porn fetish my 200GB/month download limit might be useful again 😀

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