Renewals, axings and yet-to-be-determined

Here's a round-up on renewals of some key US titles airing on Aussie networks.

greys-anatomy927-161The Australian today has a feature article on renewals of US dramas, and how they impact with Aussie networks.

Here’s a round-up on some of the key titles:

Seven’s US line-up will continue to include Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, which return for their sixth seasons.

Brothers and Sisters
and Ugly Betty enter their fourth seasons, Private Practice its third and 30 Rock has been renewed, although it has not had as much success here as it in the US. And troubled sci-fi series Heroes will run for another season.

TEN will lose Life, which has been cancelled, but The Office and drama staple Law & Order: Special Victims Unit have been renewed (actors Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni are yet to be confirmed).

Medium‘s future is unclear (following early, misleading reports it was renewed) but TEN should be pleased that CBS looks like commissioning an NCIS spin-off series. TEN introduces the characters later this month in a double NCIS ep.

Samantha Who? and My Name is Earl have been dumped.

Fringe is renewed, but Nine is unlikely to get excited, unless we can hope it screens on the expected entertainment channel.

Source: The Australian.

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  1. How can they dump a show like Life, dam you network execs. What’s goin on in your boardrooms and who’s making the decisions. Can’t you tell by now that a lot of people like the show. Why couldn’t you send out a survey or something to get the viewers ratings on the show, so disapointed. You keep Lost and Heroes running which to me are just dragging on and on with no real storyline anymore, just like Prison Break.

  2. Man I really hate that Life was canceled I personally believe that it had at lest one more season left in it as there were still a few lose ends to tie up 🙁

    I still hope that Life gets picked up on another nextwork.

    and onto another show that I love SVU I really hope that Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni and TPTB can come to an agrement on the payrise as I love them and the show.

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