Returning: You Saved My Life

One Nine factual comes back to replace another.

tara-brown_smallNine is returning the factual it dropped off air a few weeks ago, You Saved My Life.

The series hosted by Tara Brown and Andrew Rochford is back at 8pm Monday June 1st.

That means it replaces its factual partner Missing Pieces -both shows are likely to have only had a short production run.

New Two and a Half Men eps continues to lead in to both shows.

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  1. Channel 9’s you saved my life…. boring… headlines put together to make a show… has promise but not enough in the story…. I prefer missing pieces…. waste of time watching ” You Saved My Life.”

  2. After last night’s 7.30 Report analysis of their credit situation I don’t think there is anyone in their programming department left to film – though I am with Rutzie’s programme idea I’d certainly watch that!

  3. I just think they should try and look outside their newsroom for hosting talent, and for programs. People who appear on 60 minutes should stay on 60 minutes.

    And for heaven’s sake, there are better programs out there than 2 and a half men…

  4. Great idea Rutzie. If 20 to 1, Underbelly repeats or 2 1/2 men repeats crash and burn in the future, they could film a doco about their decision making processes. Even i would watch that.

  5. very odd move, if MP ended its run it would be a good opportunity to put a good rater in as a lead in to the expensive sea patrol. whereas this is a step backwards, YSML rated worse than MP.

  6. Good to see Missing Pieces and You Saved My life achieve little if any success. Nine can’t do factuals, and i love watching them crash and burn. wonder what it will be against on channel 7, Scrubs will be over by then.

  7. I’m not sure if it’s the Peter Overton curse, everything he touches now seems to lose it’s lustre. The 60 Minutes program where he opened the show about the navy driver, the show dropped to just 1mn, yesterday it went back up to 1.3mn.

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