Bid to revive Humphrey

He's a brand in all manner of strife but there are plenty who want to buy him.

humphrey1More than 70 buyers are looking at Banksia Productions, owner of TV legend Humphrey B. Bear.

According to The Sunday Mail, documents lodged with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC)  reveal producer John Lamb owes an estimated $933,000 to creditors, including $115,854 to the Australian Taxation Office, $66,770 to former employees and $38,040 to Channel 9, believed to be for unpaid rent and studio fees.

Banksia’s company’s assets – including Humphrey B. Bear trademarks, past episodes and props – are just $750,000.

Administrator Maris Rudaks is sorting through the company’s financial mire ahead of a planned asset sell-off in the hope Humphrey‘s career can be revived.

“The real test will be what the market is prepared to pay for it (Banksia’s assets),” he said. “People are free to bid for what they want, I will look at all offers. While the majority of interest has been in Humphrey, there is some interest for other aspects.”

Expressions of interest in Banksia’s assets are expected to be advertised within the next “two to four weeks.”

Other Banksia shows include Hot Science, The Music Shop, Guess What and a stable of wildlife documentaries, the rights to which are now also up for grabs.

Source: Sunday Mail

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  1. Off the topic a little stop importing in all those 2.5 men episodes at 50 to 100 grand each per week the money Channel Nine would have saved not doing that could have been better spent on Humphrey.

  2. Ah, so for the first time we see it reported that Banksia went under because, most likely, of other bad decisions, not their past-its-use-by-date trademark. Interesting that other news reports on this have only mentioned Humphrey.

    Nine should, by the way, forgive the studio-fee debt. Their network owes a lot to that bear.

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