Chaser blamed for Ute-gate email

56The Chaser returns on Wednesday and wastes no time in getting involved with topical stories.

The boys reckon they will reveal their role in ‘Ute-gate’ by producing the fake email as well as the fake Prime Minister and fake Opposition Leader.

The show will also present Chas working through his Moran family hit list to find the new kingpin of the Melbourne underworld.

Jules starts a prayer vigil at the Vatican for those who commit the mortal sin of excessive wealth … such as the Catholic Church.

And as for Top Gear, forget Michael Schumacher, Craig reveals that anyone can be The Stig.

The show returns after a two week suspension by the ABC 9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


  1. State of Origin is a history documentary, where we learn which state in Australia had the first settlement. Always a 3 part documentary, it is re-created every year to keep new viewers up to date on new discoveries 😉

  2. How hilarious would it be if the Chaser had record ratings after coming back from the spineless decision by ABC management to force them to have a 2 week break. I doubt that would occur due to the State of Origin though.

  3. I work as a Registered Nurse with critically ill children and have done for about 12 years and I have nursed kids you have recieved a make a wish. I found the sketch so funny I fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. I am Glad the chaser is back

  4. Sheezzzzz, bout time these dweebs were put to pasture.
    Or get back to what you once were – Funny
    They are well beyond their use by date.
    They used to be funny, now they are just sad little children looking for cheap laughs.

  5. Ratings will be down (especially in NSW and Qld) due to the second State of Origin being on (go Queensland!). I imagine they will go back up to the 1.5 million mark next week though, providing they’re not suspended again!

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