Nine returns to Sunday night movies

music-and-lyrics2This Sunday marks a double finale of CSI, which hasn’t been rating quite so well for Nine lately. That’s probably due to franchise fatigue, the exit of William Petersen, the rise of Bones, the lure of MasterChef to TEN and a general mood for optimistic television.

With the screening of  “All In” Nine will be up to date with the US, where it doesn’t return until late September.

In its place Nine is returning to the traditional Sunday night movies, at least for the first week anyway. Beyond that is anybody’s guess.

At 8:30pm Sunday July 5th Nine premieres Music & Lyrics (2007).

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore star in this romantic comedy about a washed up 80’s pop star who gets a second chance. When a teen singing sensation asks Alex, a former pop star, to write a song and record the duet with her, Alex can’t refuse. However, he can’t write the lyrics, but his luck changes when he meets Sophie, a song writer. Also stars Haley Bennett.

Let’s get a bit of feedback from CSI fans. Are you still a regular viewer?


  1. I’ve surprisingly liked CSI more since Grissom left.

    But I miss CSI:NY and wish 9 would just leave it on, no matter what time it’s on.

    Hate Miami with the heat of a thousand suns.

  2. ITA movies are hit and miss, unless it’s one I missed up to that point I’ll be watching something else on Sundays, not that I’ve been watching the CSIs, I’m over that type of procedural…

  3. Luv all the CSI show New york & Miami are tie for second but i don’t know when there on anymore one week they are there not it’s annoying.

    Sunday Night @ Movies might work for them.

  4. Love love love CSI and CSI:Miami and hate hate hate CSI:New York!

    Was very sad to lose Grissom but love Laurence Fishburne. Still great storylines and a touch of comedy.

  5. I am a CSI fan. I watch all three with CSI being my favourite followed by CSI:NY and then CSI: Miami. I am really enjoying the current series of CSI, with Grissom’s departure and the introduction of Dr Langston (Laurence Fishburne).
    Am annoyed that NY and Miami have been shown on a stop/start basis – it ruins the flow of sub plots and character stories.

    Admitingly, I am also I fan of Masterchef so have been taping CSI and watching it later however it is still a show I would not miss an episode of.

  6. never watched CSI, and i haven’t seen this movie yet so i will watch. just about the only time i watch 9 is when there is a movie i haven’t seen on it, movies are the only thing 9 has going for it.

  7. I am still watching the CSIs. But Nine’s stupid and inconsistent programming makes it hard to keep up with the Miami and New York versions.

  8. I stopped watching CSI Los Vegas a couple of years ago, and switched to watching CSI New York. Am really annoyed with the Nine have been treating season 5 of New York. The first episode was shown in November last year, and Nine haven’t shown more than two episodes in the same timeslot (and run repeats of older series on Monday night in non AFL states).

    It forced me to obtain season 5 “by other means”

  9. Surely nine could of come up with something better than music and lyrics as a FTA premier film? They still haven’t aired the last 2 matrix films(reloaded and revolutions) for starters…..

  10. They return to the Sunday night movie and this is the best premiere they could find? Is ‘seriously’ still neins catchphrase because I’m sitting here thinking Seriously……?

  11. If it isn’t Two And A Half Men or CSI, it’s Hugh Grant or Drew Barrymore movies. And what do you know, this one has both of them. A Sandra Bullock movie can’t be far behind.

  12. Had always been a big fan of CSI – watching every ep. Began to lose interest as the regulars departed. Have only watched two eps since Grissom left… Don’t bother with it anymore…

  13. one reason i can see for the fta’s to not wanting to show movies is because with a series you have a dedicated fan base which will tune in every week, while with movies it changes week by week, plus why would you want to wait till a movie is shown on free to air with commercials when you can rent on dvd for a few bucks.

  14. the only movie to rate strongly in recent times was devil wears prada which was on a monday several months ago. i think it got 1.7million.

  15. Not a good move IMO. Seven struggled for years with movies on Sunday, I can’t see it doing much better for Nine. They should have just moved CSI Miami forward to 8.30, followed by a repeat or CSI NY.

    But this is great news for Bones, now it won’t have any crime procedural competition. I think it might hit some new highs over the coming weeks.

  16. So where does this leave the 16 or so CSI:Miami eps they still have yet to air? And I’m not surprised they’re bringing back movies, they have absolutely nothing else to air on their primary channel (apart from 2.5 Men, Cold Case and the 20,000 shows they pulled off after 2 weeks, see: Fringe, CSI:NY, ER, Flashpoint, Without A Trace’s final season, etc).

  17. Yes I am still a regular viewer of CSI and I’m looking forward to the finale on Sunday night. Good to know that we will be up to date with the US. I was hoping that CSI: Miami would take over the timeslot since we still have half a season of new episodes still unaired. Hopefully they get aired before September also. Maybe they can do Wednesday 9pm Cold Case followed by 10pm CSI:Miami. That would be great.

  18. although i do sometimes watch csi i prefer l&o svu as it’s a lot more real and human, while csi is more about gore and cheesy one liners, also in l&o the story-lines are usually a lot more intriguing and have more twists.

  19. I gave up on Miami when the scheduled show ended up being a repeat, or it was taken off air for short breaks. Then the timeslot change from the good time of 8:30 Wednedsays to random Sunday and Tuesday slots, and I think even a Monday once or twice.

  20. Hmm Sunday Night movies, they typically haven’t performed in the past but given they are first run are nine returning to the golden ages and trying to capture that thought from viewers? Its a bit of a strategic move but I think it will ultimately fail and would be better off with CSI reruns.

    It just opens up the playing field more, but at least its some variety with crime on Seven and general entertainment on Ten.

    For me though I’d prefer to sit down with a DVD, the only program I watch on Sundays is the hour edition of Masterchef, then its onto movies for me.

  21. CSI was something I’d watch if there was nothing else on. Watchable, but not unmissable. And not right for Sunday nights.

    Nine could do quite well with movies if they are first to FTA and well chosen.

    But, I get the feeling the movies will disappear after school holidays. Seems typical for school holidays to feature movies and repeats.

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