Airdate: Michael Jackson: The Last Time

michaeljacksonAnd then we’ll get Michael Jackson: The Years between 2003 – 2006, Michael Jackson: What He Did on Sundays and Michael Jackson: Programmers Argue Over Which Bit of Footage To String Out For More Ratings.

Yep, there’s another Jacko special rushed to schedule, Michael Jackson: The Last Time, this time on Seven.

It is slated for 7:30pm Monday night, as the network did this week.

This one features his last televised concert, reuniting with his brothers on stage as The Jackson 5 for the first time in twenty years.

Once again it bumps the finale of How I Met Your Mother and a repeat of Scrubs, this time to July 13.

Don’t blame it on the sunshine.


  1. Can someone tell me please where i could find a copy of “MJ , the last time” concert that was showed on tv a week or two ago , as i have become a mega fan after seeing the king in action and must have a copy for my dvd collection …ta.

  2. im so sad to hear he died, he was so caring, my one dream was to meet him for real. every time i hear his song ‘speechless’ my eyes tear up so much. because i remember him.

    everyone always judged him for his looks, well i say shove it up yours no body’s perfect. i saw this show and i saw the other two. i love hearing his little voice and his giggle always made me laugh. his moonwalk is incredible. Michael Jackson is my favorite singer and dancer. he makes me smile every time i see him on TV.

    he was the greatest pop star who lived on this earth and he will always rest in are hearts. Michael be happy where you are, cuz when ever your happy you make me happy. Rest In Piece Michael.

    P.S i home everyone misses him as much as i do. oh i wish he never died
    i hate heart attacks the same thing killed my grand dad.

  3. great concert!!!
    have seen it before and it was cut short!!! why?????
    would love to know where i could buy a copy plz let me know where

  4. Georgia Gourley

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of The Last Time show that was aired on channel 7 last night brilliant show ? Please please let me know x

  5. Is there a DVD of Michael Jackson “The Last Time” the concert that was shown on Prime TV last night 7:30pm. I missed it and would like to see it

  6. Mim, the song was heal the world

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I watched this a few years ago and it this seemed to be a very cut down version.

  7. Hi guys,
    At the end of his show last night on channel 7 there was a song [a very short part of it] they played while showing his life span, what was that song…? was it we are the world..??

  8. That was the best concert I have ever seen. brilliant brillliant artist. such a high energy concert. just sad i never got to see him in concert. he will be truly missed. love you MJ R.I.P.

  9. Loved this concert but unable to watch from the beginning. I’m begging for a replay… MJ is the greatest performer that walked (moonwalked) this earth. MIchael Jackson RIP.

  10. Is there a possibility of replaying this special show or where can I possibly get a copy of it? Pleeeeeeeaaaase… I’m sure, I’m not alone on this one. Got home from work while the concert was close to the end. =(

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