Airdate: World’s Strictest Parents

wspWorld’s Strictest Parents will premiere 7:30pm Wednesday July 22nd on Seven.

The series, narrated by Axle Whitehead, sends troublesome 16 and 17 year olds overseas to spend time living with somebody else’s parents.

Each is chaperoned for the television experiment.

Expect controversy…


  1. ohk dosen any one know if theres gonna be a repeat of this
    or where i can see it and for startrs

    you dont know s**t about him
    so back off of him

    he not that bad yea he’s a little cocky at times
    but he understands !

  2. Kristie Vickers

    OMG my best friend from Primary school is gonna be on that show her name is baylie…….OMG OMG OMG if anyone know her can you please contact me on my facebook….i would like to see her again….thanks kristie vickers.xx

  3. I was one of the teens that were sent to live overeas with a strict family,
    i think some people are judging this show before they even know what its about, my relationship with my mother was beyond strained before i went away, and since being back things are much better, and im not trying to say that i am completely different person, but the experienced deffinatly changed me for the better, some of you are saying that this is just another peice of reality crap and completly predictable, you are wrong. everything in the show was completly genuine, and nothing is predictable. i so glad that i was chosen for this experience. it was truly life changing.

  4. There’s only 6 eps of this crap? Fantastic, at least all this trashy factual rubbish (Gangs of Oz, Beyond the Darklands, etc) seem to have limited runs. At least shows like Bondi Rescue and The Zoo have good intentions, shows like this are just pointless

  5. Commercial tv certainly doesn’t think much of the average viewers intelligence what with this tripe and the swill served up on Nine about couples. Both are an insult to our intelligence.

  6. As if the guy in the photo still needs his parents to look after him. He looks like he’s 25 years old. I guess some people never change.

    • Gerrard let’s be fair. As the story indicated they are teenagers. He is 16 and lived with his grandparents since he was 3. I’m not defending the show, but I think you’re presuming a lot about someone under age who isn’t here to defend themselves.

  7. I won’t be watching.
    The senak peak just showed how obvious the format is for this –
    Parents too tough, kids too stupid, new parents for a week even tougher, kids rebel, ids get letter from home, kids see light of day, parents realise they can compromise too.Cue tears – all all those promos and product placement.

    P.S. If only the parent and kids had talked in first place.

  8. the international versions of this are soo good but they are rated M, it will be interesting to see how the aus version adapts to a 7:30 slot.

    the original invite only asked for 12 people so i guess this will only be 6 episodes long.

    the sneak peek looked really good. i will be watching. there is very little competition so i think it will rate well.

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