Seven: first week of summer

Seven has now released some its plans for the first week of summer ratings.

Seven has now released some its plans for the first week of summer ratings, in two weeks’ time.

While there are still some TBA slots to be filled, it indicates a hefty slice of factual and crime content. If you happen to like the crash investigation genre you are well catered for.

Replacing Home and Away will be repeats of RSPCA Animal Rescue. Criminal Minds reruns are on twice a week. Bones and Castle continues in repeat.

First run content includes The Amazing Race (promoted to 7:30pm), Royal Pains, Love Bites, Serious Crash Unit, Air Crash Investigations, Drug Bust, World’s Strictest Parents (it isn’t clear if this is the local edition), and Parks and Recreation.

Yet to be confirmed for this week is Happy Endings which airs twice next week 9:30pm Tuesday and 9pm Thursday.

Hands up if you think Vicar of Dibley will get a guernsey?

Sunday Nov 27
6:00 Seven News
6:30 TBA
7:30 TBA
8:30 Bones rpt
9:30 Castle rpt
10:30 Royal Pains
11:30 Love Bites

Monday Nov 28
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 RSPCA Animal Rescue rpt
7:30 Serious Crash Unit
8:00 Drug Bust
8:30 Criminal Minds rpt
9:30 Air Crash Investigations
10:30 The Air Show special
11:30 Keeping up with the Kardashians rpt

Tues Nov 29
7:30 TBA
8:30 TBA
10:50 Parks and Recreation
11:20 Keeping up with the Kardashians rpt

Wed Nov 30
7:30 World’s Strictest Parents
8:40 Criminal Minds rpt
9:40 Air Crash Investigations
10:40 Great Escapes final
11:30 30 Rock rpt

Thurs Dec 1
7:30 The Amazing Race
8:30 TBA
11:20 30 Rock rpt

Fri Dec 2
7:30 Better Homes & Gardens summer ed.
8:30 Movie (TBA)
10:30 Natural Mysteries
11:45 Perfect Couples
12:15 October Road rpt

Sat Dec 3
6:30 TBA
7:30 Family Movie (TBA)
9:30 Movie (TBA)

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  1. After The Amazing Race finishes in early December (there’s only 3 episodes left after this week) there is nothing that will interest me. Good thing I have a lot of my favourite TV shows and movies on DVD.

  2. Seven must have new content from their output deals. 7Two shows virtually no new content and has morphed from a station that had new series of 24, knight rider and warehouse 13 to a station with nothing new. It has become a BBC time warp.

    7mate also shows nothing new if you are not into cheap American reality shows.

  3. Well its a real shame that a craptastic lineup like this will win ratings. If Nine and TEN were smart, they would invest in summer programming to ensure strong promotion and a healthy lead-in to their 2012 Premieres. Of course, that requires Nine and TEN to be smart with their programming.

  4. After a year of incredible success for Seven, their summer schedule looks totally bad. Bones and Castle repeats are starting to wane in ratings season so how are they gonna go in summer? Don’t think that RSPCA Animal Rescue repeats will do very well considering that it’s up against The Zoo on GEM. The rest of the factuals lined up have all been failures this year so they can’t do well. Then on Tuesday and Thursday nights they are airing movies.

    I thought Seven had quite a lot that they could play in summer. They’re obviously testing to see just how much cash and content they can save and how much garbage and repeats they can put on while still beating Nine and Ten. I hope this plan is foiled but I doubt it. If Nine and Ten had anything good for summer, we would have heard about it by now.

  5. As i expected really boring. Castle and Bones are 1st rate shows even in repeats but the rest is yawnsville although natural mysteries sounds intriquing. Disagree with i shouldn’t be alive though,not must see tv but it’s an interesting series. Most of 7s interesting stuff is on the other chs like unsolved mysteries.

  6. TBA seems to be a summer favorite.

    But seriously Tuesday is a bit empty, any chance the will continue with Parenthood until the US goes on it’s break at the end of Nov. But I’m guessing they will leave the last 2 or 3 eps hanging. Then again at least they started the show, I feel sorry for Castle and Bones fans, not to mention Grey’s Desperate and Private Practice all on hold until 2012. Oh and the stupid move they plussing with the Rafters.

  7. I can’t stand Criminal Minds or Air Crash Investigations, and didn’t find the pilot for Happy Endings entertaining at all

    Looks like Seven will be an abyss of dreck this summer – it’s like the minute ratings season finishes they just throw in the towel and program complete crap

    What are the odds they’ll air something like “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” at 8:30 Tuesdays? Ugh. I hope Nine and Ten’s schedules are better than this

  8. I find this an incredibly boring line-up of shows. Repeats, reruns, and stacks of “reality” shows. I won’t be watching any of it.

    Thank god I’ve learned to record extra shows during the feast months, in preparation for the famine months.

  9. Shame the multichannels killed off new summer programming.

    At least Seven is keeping TAR and PAR. Good to see ACI back and twice a week. Thinking WSP will be the UK series. Saturday 6:30pm will no doubt be No Leave, No Life again like the last 2 summers.

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