Easter programming update on Seven

Seven has now revealed extra titles for next week's Easter non-ratings.

With My Kitchen Rules ending tonight, Seven has now revealed extra titles for next week’s Easter non-ratings.

Expect profile shows to resume from April 15.

Monday April 2nd
7:30pm Unlikely Animal Friends 2 rpt
8:30pm Revenge
9:30pm McDonald’s Gets Grilled
Fast food is full of fat, sugar and preservatives. It’s slowly killing us, contributing to a worldwide epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. This documentary targets one of the world’s most famous but equally controversial companies, McDonald’s. Six members of the public, as chosen by a team of investigative journalists, are given an all- access pass to McDonald’s, set out to ask the tough questions about what goes into the food they eat, including the use of pesticides and preservatives, as well as issues surrounding staff exploitation, hygiene, holding periods and how the food tastes. As we follow this intriguing journey it will be more than a program about fast food. It’s a social experiment. One that tests whether people, faced with overwhelming evidence challenging their long-held prejudices, can ever accept the truth.

Tuesday April 3
7:30pm World’s Strictest Parents: “Barbados”
8:30pm Movie: The Boys Are Back
A British sports journalist living in South Australia finds himself in a sudden state of single parenthood with his six-year-old son in the wake of his wife’s tragic death. With turbulent emotions swirling, and his elder teenage son coming to stay, he’s faced with raising two boys in a household devoid of feminine influence and an unabashed lack of rules. United by unspoken love and in search of a road forward, the three multi-generational males must each find their own way to grow up.

Wednesday April 4
8:30pm Criminal Minds “Valhalla / Lauren” dbl ep

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  1. Well i knew Criminal Minds would be back on Wednesdays the question is will it air at 8:30pm with new episodes or will Once Upon a Time go there and push it to 9:30pm? Either way great episode to come back with even if it is a repeat.

    I hope Revenge holds up well with a poor repeat in front of it.

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