All in the Family

Check out who made the list of Top TV families, according to Bert's producers.

thesullivansThe Bradys pipped The Simpsons according to last night’s 20 to 1 list of TV’s top families.

Of course, like most of the lists it’s not ranked on much more than the popular choices of producers, researchers and guests (and any answers that can’t be supported by accessible footage are very likely ditched).

The Sullivans topped the list of Aussie families.

But there are some good names on this list.

1. The Brady Bunch
2. The Simpsons
3. Happy Days
4. The Cosby Show
5. The Sullivans
6. Family Ties
7. Diff’rent Strokes
8. Sylvania Waters
9. The Bold & The Beautiful
10. The Beverly Hillbillies
11. Full House
12. Hey Dad!
13. The Waltons
14. The Flinstones
15. The Osbournes
16. The Addams Family
17. Kingswood Country
18. Party of Five
19. The Partridge Family
20. Lost in Space

And there’s quite a few missing. Apologies to the Ramsays, Robinsons and Fletchers. The Rafters are doubtless still too new to make the list. The Osbournes make the list at the expense of The Munsters.

Sylvania Waters is the sole ABC finalist. And not one Brit series?

And no Kath & Kim?

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  1. it was one of the bettter 20 to 1 shows. i know we complain about the waltons and the cheesy catchpharses that were used but it was still fun. one show i would have included was roseanne. the early years of that show had some great writing

  2. I was pretty happy with the list, seeing all my favorites were there ( The Sullivans, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family ). I too wondered where was Little House or the Ewings and Carringtons, but I guess there needed to be a top 25. I wouldn’t have included The Osbornes or Hey Dad.

  3. I thought it was a load of rubbish. Where were the Ingalls for one thing. Plus the order was certainly dodgy.

    And if they put in Bold and The Beautiful, why not the Ewings and the Carringtons.

    Waste of an hour.

  4. Um the Robinsons did make it they’re at #20. Though they are the lost in space variety not the Ramsey st variety 🙂

    And really the jones?? I mean I love ACP one of my all time faves but they were just one family among many many others on that show.

  5. umm…shocking list with hey dad…kingswood country…osbourns…party of five?….full house…silvania waters…what rot…where are the Bundys?? Roseanne’s mob..bewitched…munsters…..

  6. I suppose The Munsters were superfluous with the inclusion of The Addams Family. Also I can live with The Osbournes but could have done without the bogans from Sylvania Waters yuck.

    Anyway very happy to see The Bradys at #1 as I was sure they’d be pipped by The Simpsons.

    Take out the dreadful Sylvania Waters and add The Stevens from Bewitched & it’s quite a good list.

  7. yep i totally agree David about the fletchers the robinsons and the ramsays i would have also put

    the palmers – sons and daughters
    the hamiltons – sons and daughters
    the joneses – a country practice

    typical channel 9

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