Celebrity MasterChef chop-chops Sarah Wilson

swMatt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan are all set to appear in Celebrity MasterChef when the show begins in October, but host Sarah Wilson is out.

A TEN spokesperson said, “It’s just one hour a week and with the judges and celebrities, a host just doesn’t work in that format.”

In a strong debut season, one of the few shortcomings of the show was the lack of duties for Wilson. Like Ajay Rochester she was left to do little more than read the autocue, which was unfortunate given she seemed adept at the task. Much of the hosting fell to Gary Mehigan, something that would never have happened if other personalities were in the role.

So far there is no clarity whether Wilson will return for 2010 either.

“The show has just finished so we haven’t had a proper chance to debrief after the finale,” said the spokesperson.

“The actual details of season two and all of the intricacies are still in discussion and negotiation.”

With its male dominated judges, TEN would be wise to retain Wilson for the second series, but give her more to do.

Should she not return for 2010 that would make two female hosts removed from TEN’s two biggest shows, following the non-renewal of Ajay Rochester for The Biggest Loser.

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  1. Get in Maggie Beer!

    A fourth judge, not host. Not a chef but a cook, someone who could identify with the contestants like no other.. and not to mention, one of the country’s finest.

  2. She’s signed on to the show and as well as being good eye candy for male viewers, will return next year. She isn’t doing the Celeb version, as it was a very late addition on Ten’s part and she isn’t legally obligated to do it.

  3. Like PD stated, she wasn’t intrusive as a host which was great. I also loved towards the end of the series where Sarah was included like the other judges at some of the challenges – the wedding and the high tea in Hong Kong. Both really suited having a female presence and she handled the situations very well.
    Would like to see her return for the next series.

  4. Check out the masterchef forums.

    Most fans agree the host is unecessary. Gary does the bulk of the introduction of tasks, and Matt handles the results.

    With the no narration format, a host isn’t really needed. Plus, she didn’t really set the world on fire when she did speak.

  5. She did a good job, but I always felt that someone doing that role should also have more involvement in the show, such as a judge for instance.
    Like the wedding episode, but having said that, you’d expect the food judge in a series like this to have a substantial background in food though.

    Then again… The meaning of Australia’s first Masterchef seemed to change over the series to suit who was being booted and ultimately, they wanted someone who’d give them the most dollars in mainstream book sales I guess. *groan*

  6. I reckon she seemed very nice and unintrusive as a host. For the celebrity version of MasterChef she probably won’t have much to do, but she should definitely host the main show.
    Next year she should definitely be given more stuff to do! Let her be the one to explain the challenges and be the one who announces when time’s up and stuff.

    She showed her adaptability in Hong Kong and during the wedding challenge though when she was tasting dishes, and she should definitely get more opportunities like that next year when the three judges are split between two locations.

  7. i agree that she should be retained and have more presence in the hosting. however, she should not be allowed to taste and comment on dishes as she did on several challenges as she is not a chef/critic and has no experience in the industry.

  8. I thought she did a good job hosting.
    As others have said, her role should be expanded – maybe she does mini interviews with contestants and even gets more involved in challenges.

  9. Sarah should have a role in future series of MasterChef in some form. I am sure she could work around her work commitments (does anyone know what she is working on apart from writing a column in Sunday Life magazine for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald?).

  10. What we liked about Sarah was that she wasn’t intrusive as a host. We liked that she didn’t try and take over the show. That said we often forgot that she was there at all. Hopefully she gets to keep her job next year.

  11. As far as hosts go, I thought she was excellent. She had far more to do with the show than say Ajay on The Biggest Loser.

    Hopefully she returns next year.

  12. she better come back for next yrs season!!! i love the 3 guys but i want a chick in there aswell!!! if she doesnt return it will be ten’s loss!!! and i wont be happy

  13. No surprises there. Have heard her a bit on radio lately, and she’s quite good, but she added nothing to this show. Now all they need to do is let George go and replace him with a female chef (Julie?).

  14. Neon Kitten

    If her role’s superfluous – and it seems that it is – then it’s superfluous. Let’s not bring political correctness to the point of maintaining a cue-card-reading talking head in a show simply because she’s a woman and that makes everyone feel more equal.

  15. TVTonightKiiD

    I’m sure Sarah is a great person and all, but shes just not needed on the show – so i say get rid of her. Gary does most of her job anyway… 3 judges is enough to host the show.

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