Dance Your Ass Off

dance-your-ass-off-1It’s not often I’ve reviewed something without getting to the end of it, so this review on Dance Your Ass Off at least deserves that qualification.

But I figure, if Nine isn’t going to take things seriously, why should I?

See how long you can last on this one. It’s absolutely excruciating.

Including the host.

Kerry, time to start rolling.

0.5_starsDance Your Ass Off airs 7:30pm Tuesday on Nine.


  1. I bet no one here could have the guts to do this
    but what the heck do i know all the people on here would never have the guts to do this
    the only exercise they get is the fingers bending
    i wish i could get on
    plse come back dance your ass off

  2. I am so glad they have a show on where fat people get to do something other than be bossed around by trainers and forced to follow fitness regiments they won’t be able to follow once back at home and are put in a situation where the food is there, but so are the nutritionists and the excercise equipment is there, but so is the couch. They have a fun and exciting way to lose weight and we get to see the diversity of a new type of dance show on t.v. which showcases the ability of the people who the narrow minded can’t stand to see as competition.

  3. Shows like this will never work.

    They could do the sensible thing get it off the air and replace it with Cheers or some other family friendly programming given the time of night.

    Who here remembers Al Bundy Married With Children Stories about the fat lady came into a Shoe Store could easily apply to this show trash.

  4. Did you know that Nine is coming up with a show called “Vote the Ass Off” where they take the programmers at Nine and reveal week by week the decisions that they have made?

    The programmer who has the best ratings gets voted off – for spoiling the perfect train wreck.

    There is a spinoff version in the planning to see who can destroy a show that is performing and replace it with one that costs more and rates less.

    It’s true, I swear!

  5. I would rather be at the local library catching up on some reading at the same time this is shown or doing exercises at the fitness centre.

  6. Tuesday for Nine is like an indicator of the general health of the network, it seems for the past two years Tuesday nights have become Nine’s gonzo night, stuff like this, Wipeout, Ladette to Lade, Moment of Truth, 20 to 01, whatever weird ‘can’t look but can’t look away’ television they can find they cram onto this night!

  7. I agree with Andrew B.. My kids are astonished as am I. It’s like the choice of how we raise our kids is being taken from us. It should at least be on late at night and the advertisements should cease. If this kind of thing is what we can expect on television from now on.. i’d be happy to throw the tv in the bin!

  8. David you were far to kind to this show it didnt deserve half a star it desverved – 5 stars

    what a shame masterchef still isnt going because this show might have been thumped by 2 million viewers

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