Is Julia Gillard Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

gillardThe return of TEN’s’ junior’ quiz show  Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? will again see a mix of celebrities and punters competing against the cast of kids.

One of those will be Deputy PM, Julia Gillard.

This is the second season that the show has included familiar faces as well as general public on the show.

Prize money for the celeb episodes will of course be directed towards charities.

From all reports Gillard was a good sport at the recording.

Let’s hope to God she actually is smarter than a grade five kid, otherwise we’re all in deep doo doo….

The series returns at 7:30pm Monday 27th July on TEN.


  1. Peter Garrett will be Dancing With The Stars? Lindsay Tanner on 10 Years Younger In 10 Days? Wayne Swan giving away a few bucks on Random Acts of Kindness? Nicola Roxon presenting on What’s Good For You?

  2. @Neon Kitten:

    I switch off most of the time, but every now and again it’s fun to see how smart a celebrity is. 😛

    And is it just me or does the government love Network TEN? Rove’s had Kevin Rudd 3 times, now Julia Gillard is on 5th Grader.. What’s next?

  3. Do you know who the WWE Wrestler is that was on the tapings as Rove Twitted:

    Last day on the 5th Grader set. Today some celebs have a try, including comedians, a WWE superstar and one of the leaders of our country.

    Yeah, yeah, I know – but I like my Sport choreographed and to be like Movie Stuntmen doing it live in one take for the camera’s on PTV.

  4. Shouldn’t Julia Gillard be devoting her time to ensuring her Government’s new industrial relations policies do not result in job losses whilst our economy is at its most vulnerable? Or maybe addressing the strike threats teachers have made because of the legislation that will name and shame schools? This Government, whilst sitting comfortable in the polls, has a lot of work to do and should not be wasting time appearing on variety shows. We do not pay taxes for them to be helping Channel TEN boost ratings.

  5. I went to a couple of recordings of this show and some of the charities that the celebs played for I hadn’t heard of. I think it’s great that these lesser known ones are given national television exposure regardless of how much money is won for them.
    I understand that celebs on game shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but rather than bag them “switch off” like you say or at least acknowledge them for trying to make a difference in some people’s lives.

  6. Not sure if I would put Julia in the Celebrities category? But I know what you mean about the playing for charity shows. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they were playing for them selves? Then we could see their true colors. Celebrities tend to have to have the last word and have the punch line and so do the game show host which makes for painful television.

  7. Neon Kitten

    When they put celebrities on any game show “playing for charity”, I immediately switch off. Surely I can’t be the only one.

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