Justine eliminated from MasterChef

JUSTINEOne of MasterChef’s most popular contestants, Justine was eliminated from TEN’s reality series tonight, following a pressure test cook-off. She was just defeated by Poh.

It was the second time she was eliminated, which led to a lifeline return to the series.

The remaining contestants faced off in a pressure test that required them to bake an elaborate chocolate mousse cake, layered with several delicious ingredients made by Adriano Zumba. In a chaotic cook-off, the demands unnerved them all.

Guest judge for the night was Bill Granger.

Judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan were getting teary at the send-off.

Matt said, “You are very unique in what you can do and I know if I don’t see you in a week, or a month, I’ll see you again and you have a bright future in this industry. Thank you so much for being one of the bright stars.”

Gary added: “You know what’s funny. He (George) wants you in my kitchen, I want you in my kitchen. Matt Moran wants you in his kitchen, Guy Grossi wants you in his kitchen, and Jaques Reymond wants you in his kitchen. Think about that. That is amazing.”

Chef Matt Moran also congratulated her at the end of her run, offering to be her mentor at ARIA.

Tomorrow night either Chris, Poh, Julie will be eliminated before the final two face Sunday’s final.


  1. I’ve only caught masterchef a handful of times. And whilst it would seem that the Australian version has improved on aspects of the the UK version, I still believe there were elements of UK version it would have been good to seen here too.

    I agree with Christopher’s comment – those who won against the celebrity chefs may have been in a real working kitchen as their prize, but did not get continued competition challenge pressure/practice as the others.

    Have also got to say – and with no offence to Sarah Wilson – however the role of host on this show is pointless and a waste of space. Would have been better left to three judges to front the show. And i’m sure Ch10 could have brought out one of thier big names to host the finale/winner announcement.

  2. Wow, good for you Jules, you are an amazing woman, a mother who has made the ultimate sacrifice, by having to leave your family commitments for the moment to achieve a wonderful dream, and at the same time help your wonderful family, you have a marvelous personality, are kind, considerate and understanding and I do hope you take out the challenge. I cant wait to buy your cookbook…..I also wish Poh good luck as well with your dream of Malaysian cooking, you go girls….

  3. Justine and Chris were my two favourite contestants on MasterChef, and it’s a shame neither of them are in the final, because of corrupt, garbage judging on the show, favouring Julie… The final week of MasterChef has ruined the entire series for me…

  4. I have one query about last night, why did the judges tell Chris his base was too thick and that he should make another one, yet the other contestants didnt get that help, in fact I remember hearing a judge only the other night say we must’ not interfere, I am now guessing that it is all set up for Chris to win, he has been chosen and nothing will change that. I am sad it has happened, I have enjoyed masterchef, but this stinks, he isnt the best, he is sleazy, nasty, bitchier than the girls, and self centred, cant warm to him at all.

  5. “How is that soccer mum still in the competition: she fails just about every time and is always in the bottom 3.”

    So true. It is very obvious they are favoring Julie, keeping her in the competition because of the way she looks (very mumsy), acts (very mumsy) and what she does on a daily basis (i.e. being a mum).

    She should have been booted a long time ago and is not much of a cook. Alot of women in their 40’s are into the show and they do not respond as well to a cute 23 year old girl and a pretty 35 girl as opposed to a mum type like julie.

  6. Why the fuss about Justine? She was alright but lacked the consistency and skill that Chris has and the creativity of Poh. Sure she pulled out some good dishes but so have the rest of them.

  7. Considering Poh had an advantage (knowing the dish and getting the recipe) I believe she should have been eliminated – if that was the best she could do after her head start….pfffft!

  8. Julia should not still be in the competition. Masterchef is originally a UK programme and has always been all about the best cook, not the one who appeals to the masses. Just a thought – is one of the judges a family member – maybe that small greek fella.

  9. Rivetting viewing but how about a reality check on the reality show?? Healthwise, all the judges are train wrecks, as indeed are most food critics and restauranteurs, quite obviously from eating rich, high sugar, high fat, high protein, over refined, over cooked, denatured foods.

    As eloquent a wordsmith Matt Preston is, he is headed for a major cardiac arrest / stroke and must already be on all manner of medications to correct his blood chemistry.

  10. Rigged. So rigged.

    How is that soccer mum still in the competition: she fails just about every time and is always in the bottom 3.

    Oh wait, I know why, Julie represents the majority of the people out there who watch the show, i.e., overweight soccer mums. She looks like the very people who watch the show en masse, so of course she is being kept in the show, no matter how ludicrous it looks.

    She is no chef and is only there cause she is like susan Boyle, average, boring and not physically attractive. Poh and Justine are too pretty and too young looking for the plain jane middle aged audience, whereas julie is right up their ally.

    I will put down $1,000,000,000 dollars that Poh will go tonight, irrespective of the quality of her meal, and the lack of quality, no doubt, of Julies.

  11. Sad to see Justine go. I’m still hoping Poh wins but the judges decided on Chris weeks ago so i dunno why i’m still watching. The judges won’t let anyone win but Chris, which sucks.

    And where can i get that cake? It looked so good. Dunno if i could get away with making it, but i wanna eat it so bad.

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