Returning: The Amazing Race

amazingrace14Phil Keoghan and his team of aggressive racers take to their next race from 7:30pm Thursday July 23rd.

The fourteenth season of  The Amazing Race will include five teams of family members, four couples who are married or dating, and two teams of friends.

In addition to their first-ever deaf contestant (23yo college graduate Luke Adams), the cast also includes flight attendants, stuntmen, cheerleaders and a gay father/activist and his screenwriter son, who wrote School of Rock and Year of the Dog.

And it even included a scene with Phil in his underwear. Anything for that Emmy nomination, eh?

This series aired in the US in February.


  1. 730 was always a bit too early for me, I normally forget to tape it.

    @KT: If this season is in HD, then how could it be in 4:3 as opposed to 16:9, unless they decided to cut off the sides.

  2. This season is really good. I will be watching again, and not just for Phil in his undies! They’ve tweaked the filming/editing style (including updated credits) and it’s done in HD now, so it looks absolutely fantastic. Some of the scenes are breathtaking.

  3. I saw the ad for the first time last night and got excited. Great thats it got a 7.30 timeslot also. What will be following it at 8.30 when Grey’s finishes? One of those terrible new shows??

  4. Excellent news.

    Is there any chance it will be a double ep premiere? I noticed nothing has been announce for the 8.30 slot yet, with Grey’s vacating it the week before.

  5. @ Nathan: won’t matter whether we watch it or not, it’s the people with the people-meters who ultimately decide the fate of shows.

    And like Gerrard, I’ve already seen it. Seven takes waaaaay too long.

  6. I have to agree with Zambora. It is long overdue. Good to see thgat it is in the Competitive timeslot of 7.30 Thursday’s. It will be interesting to see how it competes with Ch9 Getaway.

  7. Already seen the season so I won’t be watching. But the season’s pretty good, just like all the other Amazing Race seasons.

    @ Channel 7, stop making cheap reality TV like Beauty and the Geek, and World’s Strictest Parents, and start making good shows like this.

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