Airdate: World Food Spectacular

jhThis sounds a bit like offshoots from The Great Outdoors.

Seven will air a primetime food / travel special with Jennifer Hawkins and Tom Williams (blame MasterChef perhaps?).

Jennifer Hawkins takes a Queensland island resort Masterclass to create a seafood feast and Tom Williams explores a foodie heaven on the Victorian/ New South Wales border. Visit a regional farmer’s market for the freshest food on offer. Learn the secrets to making the best curry at home. Like to try the world’s weirdest food? Australia’s peanut capital where even the ice cream tastes nutty.

World Food Spectacular airs 7:30pm Tuesday September 8th on Seven.


  1. Hi what a great show !The only thing i mist and all my mates who watch it, we all mist the Atalian cooking comp you were to quick?
    How do wwe enter comp please.
    Regards Paul

  2. Highly dissapointing, SBS sets a high precedence for food shows, and this failed to be on a comparable level… If I wanted to watch a travel show, then Id tune into great outdoors when it airs.

  3. They have tried to incorporate food and travel and have failed to bring anything new to the table for the viewers.
    It was exactly like the great outdoors, but with food- even the same format if you looked closely.
    It failed to capture the history behind the dishes from the destinations and the hosts have no food cred what so ever.
    If only I had the money they must have wasted to entertain an audience I would have done a better job.

  4. It was very nice to see Ernie back on TV he always gives us a laugh and he brightens up a rather very dull and boring night in front of the TV. I for one would like to see more of him on the box for a light hearted look at life instead of all the doom and gloom that we get every day from the time we turn the TV on. Good on you Ernie keep up the good work and please never change I for one love your attitude and the way you handle things it is very refreshing.

  5. You’re right David, this is Great Outdoors under another name. Looking at the advanced EPG for Seven on 09.08.09 (Sydney), the return of The Great Outdoors has the same summary as the one above under the special title “Food Special”! Sneaky….

    Besides, how can it be called ‘World Food Spectactular’ when all the places mentioned in the summary are in Australia?

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