Airdate: Poh & Co.

Sounds like there could be some subtext going on amongst the unconventional cast of Poh's new series.


Ex ABC presenter and former MasterChef favourite Poh Ling Yeow makes her series debut on SBS this week with Poh & Co.

She is joined by her husband Jono, best friend and business partner Sarah & husband Matt (who is also Poh’s own ex-hubby) mother & aunt and several others.

Is it just me or should we get ready for some subtext from this rather unconventional grouping? How very ’60s of them!

Step into the chaotic, busy and captivating world of Poh Ling Yeow as she journeys to an exciting new stage of her life. Making and sharing delicious meals is about to become even more important in Poh’s fascinating world of business pursuits, artistic dreams and fun adventures with family and friends.
Over the course of the next year Poh is determined to shake up her life. She is busy creating an edible garden as the first step in transforming her suburban house into a home; seeking out inspiration and advice so she can become an even better cook, artist, and book publisher; and continuing to develop her small business as a purveyor of home-baked delicacies.

Join Poh and her larger-than-life network of colourful family and friends including hubby Jono; best friend and business partner Sarah; Sarah’s husband Matt, who just happens to be Poh’s ex-husband; cooking duo extraordinaire of her feisty mother Christina and Aunty Kim; sales extraordinaire father Steve; former MasterChef buddy Andre Ursini; four-legged friends Rhino and Tim and many others on her personal journey of self-discovery.

Poh generously allows others to observe this frenetic “work in progress” via Poh & Co. Although her incredible openness, and the access-all-areas approach of the series, means that perhaps it is more accurate to use the phrase – “life in progress”.

Episode One: The Garden
Poh has always dreamed of having an edible garden so when she and husband Jono decide to speed up the process of converting their house into a home they start outdoors. The flaw in the plan is that neither knows about gardening so, leaving Jono and a mate doing the grunt work of clearing the front yard, Poh heads over to see her friend and chef Andre for some advice. Instead of staying an hour she stays four and gets lessons in making focaccia and caponata – and in teaching chickens to act like chickens.

8pm Thursday on SBS ONE.

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  1. I’m not sure that the audience care factor will be that high re this. It’s cynical I know but It sounds like someone putting their life on camera so they can upgrade their home and garden at no particular cost to them. Is there more to this than that? What is the link to the average Aussie for example? The “generously allows others to…” sounds like over-egging the pudding (pardon the cooking pun) and once again, many of ‘us’ would be generous with our time and backyard if we were going to get a full makeover for nothing. Perhaps I am out of sync with how popular Poh has been before.

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