Dr Kerryn Phelps in Last Chance Surgery

Kerryn-PhelpsFormer president of the Australian Medical Association Dr Kerryn Phelps will host a new Channel Seven medical series Last Chance Surgery.

The factual, to premiere in September, features “intimate and inspirational stories of patients’ determination to beat the odds.”

“Most of us will never know what it feels like to be faced with one last chance at a life-saving or a life-changing medical procedure,” said Dr. Phelps.

“The patients and their families featured in Last Chance Surgery do. And they face this challenge with tremendous courage. Their strength alone will amaze you.

“It’s a real privilege to share their experience. The compassion and skill of their surgeons is inspiring as they work to save the lives of their patients who look to them for hope.”

Episodes will include a 17-year-old who visits neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and a 20 year old who has a malignant tumour in his spine and must endure an eighteen hour operation to save him from becoming paralysed.

Dr. Phelps was previously a host of the ABC series Everybody and a presenter on Nine’s 1992 series, Sex.

The Southern Star Entertainment series is produced by former Nine weather presenter Majella Wiemers.


  1. I am a patient of Dr Bill Sears. I have had 8 operations and 5 of those have been with Dr Sears and I am about to attempt another one. The man is brilliant and he has literally saved my life as I was in desperate straights before I met him. I cannot speak more highly of him. Yes he is humble his humility is refreshing. He also gives it his all and you could not be in better hands. The staff at the Dalcross are also amazing very supportive and well trained.

  2. Bill Sears operated on my back about 6-7 years ago,fusion and an artificial disc,he is the most humble man but does incredible things to help people.We so often praise sport stars and the bullshit of life instead of giving accolades to the people who really deserve it.
    There is not a day goes by that i don”t think about what that man has done for me,these people make the real differences in life…Thankyou Bill Sears

  3. I had a very serious large tumor (benign) inside my spinal column pressing the cord and no doctor could operate on me as they were scared. Prof. William Sears operated on me in Delcros Private Hospital and All I have to say is I owe my life to him . I wonder Bill sears Is the same? I googled him but no luck!

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