Is this Australia’s Perfect Couple?

apc2Sydney couple Gemma and Raf were named the winners of Nine’s Australia’s Perfect Couple last night beating their competition, same sex couple Robbie and Dan.

The two were voted winners by their fellow contestants in Survivor-jury style.

apc1They won $210,000 cash and a holiday for their efforts, while the remaining participants won a handycam, MP3 player and camera.

The 24yo model and Brazilian chef married after eight months and said if they won the series they plan to open a restaurant.

apc4The series was a disappointment for Nine, bombing in the ratings and being edited from 1hr to just 30 minutes for its final episodes.

The final episode included a bizarre challenge with couples rolling down the hill in a giant plastic ball. Even host Jules Lund described as  “the weirdest challenge that made no sense but was funny to watch.” Te finale also couldn’t resist one last ‘bitchy’ moment when a former contestant blasted other couples for supposedly lying to them.

The $210,000 is a whopping prize by current Australian standards. MasterChef gave away a ‘paltry’ $100,000 to its winner Julie Goodwin, yet 3.7m Aussies tuned in for that one.



  1. I liked the show and think the gay couple should have won. No such thing as a perfect couple but think that they are in love and foster parents go along way.

  2. Amazing. It would seem that the network cared less about this show than the viewers and that is saying something. The Nine Network seem to be the winners of this years “Biggest Loser”!

  3. As if the Gay couple were ever going to win on a Channel 9 show!!! They have done really well to survive nine years together happily! Well done!

  4. Didn’t even know the gay couple were still in it; that’s how useless Nine’s promos for the show were…or how scared they were to let any mention of “gay” out.

    Progress in 2009, eh?

  5. It’s funny because it’s that typical high school mentality that made these 2 the winners, the others couples kept them because they were friends with the “hot couple” and didn’t want to vote for them.

    And then there was the gay couple who no one could vote for because they would be seen as homophobic so they lasted till the end where people could show their true feelings.

  6. If I was a Channel Nine employee who recently lost my job because of cost cutting i would be spitting jobs. Those two got over 200,000 for doing what – looking fake and winning some ridiculous title.

    Australia’s perfect couple – I reckon my Mum and Dad – they’ve been married over 40 years, still as in love as they were when they first met and have worked solidly all their loves – I’m sure there are thousands of couples out there equally as deserving but did we see any of them on this program

    Hang you heads in shame Nine – this was a terrible premise for a show and you deserve the same pathetis ratings you got for HomeMADE – what’s next Nine -oh that’s right The Apprentice – another excuse to put another group of arroagant narcisstic twenty somethings on show for a chance to win bucket loads of money – at least in the Apprentice they will have to do more than roll down a hill in a plastic ball to win the show!!!….well we hope anyway!

  7. the premise for this show was completely flawed – it suggested it would find “australia’s perfect couple”. after watching 1 episode, the tests/challenges and the fact that they vote each other off, it was nothing but finding the “perfect couple”…

    still, for $210k, i should’ve applied to get on the show…

  8. Wow, big surprise about the winning couple… 😕

    And was it really necessary to have that Jules Lund photo – I go out of my way to avoid seeing or having anything to do with him.

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