James Reeson Alive and Cooking on WIN

james15WIN Television’s Alive and Cooking is responding to the popularity of culinary shows by giving its host James Reeson bit of a makeover and a brand new kitchen for his second season.

Reeson, who has over 20 years experience specialises in English classics, provincial French and Italian influences.

“My aim is to make cooking unintimidating with the end result in mind: the family table. I like to encourage everyone to get in the kitchen with family and friends to create, celebrate and share a feast,” he said.

“It’s so exciting being able to inspire viewers across Australia to have fun in the kitchen and treat their taste buds with fresh food,” James said. “Australia is home to the highest quality produce and to have access to such first rate ingredients is fantastic.

“I’m extremely happy with the success of the first season of Alive and Cooking and I’m excited that season two is now on air.”

James loves the influence the popular program has on audiences.

It airs at 3pm weekdays on WIN Television.


  1. I watch the show every day and enjoy the humour and watching the cooking skills. Saw the bush cooking segment today, it was great to get out of the kitchen. A good pat on the back for everyone involved!

  2. Marie Forrest

    Hi James
    love your show, and love the simlicity of your recipes, i try to cook as many as i can but it is not possible to cook as many as i would like to, please don’t let your show be another cooking show which is doomed for the axe when it suits the station to swing it
    keep up the good work

  3. I like James’s style, but ever since PBL-Nine extended their 11am news to an hour, WIN, Nine Perth/Adelaide & NBN have had to move Entertainment Tonight to all sorts of times late at night like some kind of moving target. For example, ET is stopping WIN Regional viewers for seeing Nine Late News at 11:30pm.

    Now that GO! is airing ET twice a weekday, I think it’s time the PBL-Nine stations (along with Imparja) picked up Alive & Cooking again at 3pm. At the moment, A&C creates too many programming headaches between the different regions…

  4. welcome james

    I enjoy the cooking very much but really don’t like the kitchen ,way to dark but the enthusiasm James brings forward compensates for that

  5. I preferred the “apartment” kitchen they had just before they changed to this new kitchen. This new one looks so depressing along with the camera work.

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