New ‘panel’ pilot for Eddie

Nine reportedly shot a pilot last week for a new panel show hosted by Eddie McGuire with the working title Not The 7pm Project.

eddie-acaNine reportedly shot a pilot last week for a new panel show hosted by Eddie McGuire.

With the cheeky working title, Not The 7pm Project, it included Peter Berner and several others who, according to one source “actually have opinions.” Ouch.

McGuire and Nine have long eyed a show that returns him to a format that allows him to speak his mind.

Last year he hosted a week of A Current Affair (pictured).

Source: Sunday Telegraph

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  1. No More Two and a Half Men please.

    It got to the point on my night off from work I ended up switching by default to either Home and Away or the 7pm Project or ended up borrowing box sets of programmes from the library and watching those instead.

  2. A double Eddie I wouldn’t mind.

    Maybe they should revive the Price is Right and Put McGuire as Host Anything has got to be better than that Tripe Charlie Sheen/Jon Cryer Fest known as Two and a Half Men.Who Knows You Might Win back the A Current Affair Lot who switched to other Channels at 7pm after Temptation and long before that Sale of the Century got the chop after close to thirty years.

  3. @Ducko….no you make a point, which is fair, i merely suggest that when anything to do with Eddie…it brings out the same comments from the same people…was purely a prediction on my part as to how this blog would go…if you hate him thats fine as well …..

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