Nine cuts Australia’s Perfect Couple in half

apcNine has moved on its under-performing reality series Australia’s Perfect Couple, by cutting it from 60 minutes to just 30, effective immediately.

Last week the show managed just 672,000 viewers.

From this week the show will air at 8pm following (another) repeat of (another) Two and a Half Men.

Nine still has 3 more eps of Couple to go. Strategically Nine’s trimming the episode avoids the use of the word “axed.”

Couple has also sought to re-package the show with advertisements featuring laughing elderly couples reminiscing about married life, none of whom have appeared in the show so far.

Only recently Nine had to adjust its playout of homeMADE after it too failed to perform, eventually airing one ep at 7:30pm and another at 9:30pm.


  1. I would have thought they would try to finish it off sooner rather than dragging it out. At least Seven has the sense to do that with True Beauty starting this week.
    And I can’t see this change, improving the ratings for Perfect Couple, as it’s already following an episode of 2.5 men (being the 7pm one – just to avoid the confusion since there so many of them)

  2. So why not move it to GO! on the same night and same time so all those 672,000 people can still enjoy it. They could then show it on Nine on Saturday afternoon or midnight so those that don’t have digital can still find it. I haven’t seen this show myself but I do know two lots of elderly couples that are enjoying it.

  3. I also noticed those ads with the elderly couples.

    They tried to give the impression it was a factual show that examines the factors behind a successful relationship.

    Rather than being a lightweight reality tv show with young attractive couples.

    It was funny that they were trying to relaunch the same show as a different genre. I wonder if they will try that with other failed shows.

  4. Before I even clicked on this article I thought I bet nine put on another 2 and a half men episode. Why bother reading it when you know. Geez nine I hope charlie sheen is high on the payroll. There are only so many times you can fill th gaps with this show.

  5. @Mac – I agree, but in saying that i do enjoy the show. I don’t enjoy seeing the same episode pop up week after week in varying time slots (one week @ 7pm, the next @ 7:30, a few weeks later @ 8pm, then @ 8:30pm etc).

    I love some of the situations the characters get in, but i’m not fond of the acting. Many people love the big bang theory, yet i don’t get the appeal, not surprised those two shows are from the same creative mind.

  6. How pathetic of Nine….. actually all channels, well the 3 networks of saying because a show isn’t “performing” well they will axe it… lucky in this case they’re cutting it down due to the fact people, or the amount of people they want watching aren’t….. there are still people watchingthe shows though!

    The networks have bought the shows…. meaning they’re spent the money on the series and eps….. yet cancel and stop showing them…. what a waste!

    I don’t mind this show actually, enjoy watching it with my gf…. but for heavens sake… stop canceling shows!

    But I only watch 9,10 and now GO!…. and not fussed… =) and the odd ABC1, 2 and the two SBS’s =)

  7. Not a fan of this show, and never watched it, but seriously nine, if you going to cut it in half, put replace the other half hour with something worth watching, not another 2 & a 1/2 men episode!
    Also, Nine need to realise they aren’t going to get big ratings by constantly chopping and changing programming, because viewers will leave the channel and won’t see any of the previews for upcoming shows!

  8. It is virtually inconcievable how heavily Two and a Half Men is being used in the schedules as a filler/replacement for failed shows. I cannot imagine any major free to air network in the world using one show in prime time as often as this. The problem of course for Nine is that it..just..keeps…rating. It generally gets over a million viewers which is head scratching given the endless repeat cycles.

    What is more intriguing is that with every other major imported show that does well on free to air, the networks will import the stars for junkets and/or satelite interviews (the usual Rove filler.) Why on earth do we never see Charlie Sheen interviews on Nine – or the second tier members of the cast? It is very strange. Usually stars are happy to promote their wares.

    Perhaps Nine are ashamed of the show but simply cannot find an excuse not to keep showing it.

  9. Just don’t get the success of 2.5 Men – it’s excruitiating right from the theme song. I’ve always found it very unsettling to hear a child sing “Oooooh men!!!!!”.

  10. @ mac: There’s no new eps of 2.5 Men to show until it starts again in US in September.

    Given that the printed guides and my EPG still shows one hour of Perfect Couple on Wed, having a 2.5 Men there will not help in ratings. They’d be better off dumping the remaing few episodes – edited or otherwise, as one lump sum – on a Tuesday night where 9 programming already doesn’t rate. Question remains though, what will be on for the full hour when Perfect Couple finishes in a few weeks? Double 2.5 Men? Surely not.

  11. david (or anyone on this blog) do you know which seasons of men have screened so far, and why nine have stopped showing new eps lately, i think men is a great show but nine have killed it with endless repeats, it amazing how in the space of one year, nine have managed to turn an relatively unknown show into a household name, and a huge rating hit and about one year latter turned it into a show which people cringe at when they see it in the schedule.

  12. Good God More Two and a Half Men.That would have to be the most overexposed programme over at Channel Nine.
    How about some new episodes of that show Where the Boy is now a Grown Man Please?Is that too much to ask for

  13. I heard they are doing a new 20-1 style show but were going to dig up one their old personalities from when the network was successful. Jamie Packer refused to confirm or deny The clip show crossed with Weekend at Bernies…

    I heard Charlie Sheen is going to host The 6:00 News.

    I heard they are turning all their reality shows into 15 minutes and putting them in the slot “Nine Presents” where they show a music filler at 1 in the morning.

    I heard Kerrie Ann Kennely will be replaced by Pauline Hanson. Just as right wing a Queenslander but Pauline has agreed not to not to use any swinging apperatus or giroscope. Kerrie Anne said that was a deal breaker and she’l be looking for another Network.

    I heard They are going to Put Hey Hey its Saterday on Sunday and The Sunday Program on saterday.

    I heard they are making a 7pm style project and they are crossing their fingers they will be able to match the numbers.

  14. just found this is the Fed Governments rules on broadcasting:

    Section 21.a all networks showing dots for their logo must show repeated repeats of a show about two grown men , some teenage kid, and an over the top mother…


  15. David @ Green Point

    Whisper from the 9 Bunker is that consideration is being given to a new style “20-to1” format featuring “Two and a Half Men”. 9 Network ‘personalities’ will each nominate 20 episodes of the much recycled series to be aired in 10 hour blocks. Bert Newton will host the 10 hour marathons, which will air from 2pm till midnight Monday to Friday. By including their own celebrities in the spoil, the network will also be able to claim the programmes qualify for Local Content points. The remaining 14 hours per day will be filled with old Looney Tunes cartoons. 24 hour repeats of “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” will air every Saturday, while the network will save costs by turning off the transmitter on Sundays.

  16. well at least we’re getting more 2.5 men. i was getting concerned that the number of episodes a week was starting to dip.

    one quality program replacing another…

  17. LOL! I read the first paragraph and thought 2 and a 1/2 men as a replacement? Yep, sure is.
    Luckily Unfunniest Home Videos pulls in the bogan crowd, otherwise it would be double eps on saturday too, plus the occasional Sunday filler.

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