Nine’s terrible Tuesdays

gordonramsayTuesday remains a struggle for Nine after another low night for the network.

Nine barely scraped over the 20% share, coming third for the evening.

The best it could manage was 1.16m for Nine News. But with slight content including Commercial Breakdown Adults Only and Kitchen Nightmares USA is anybody surprised? Kerry Packer ripped out naughty commercials decades ago.

And Gordon Ramsay’s star has long fallen with Australian viewers. Nine should know this better than anybody, just ask Tracy Grimshaw. He could only manage 377,000 in a 10:15pm timeslot.

The problem for Nine is that while it continues to rip shows in and out of its schedule its trust with the audience diminishes, and the flow-on effect is that viewers won’t even try good shows that deserve an audience. Case in point: Rescue: Special Ops and The Farmer Wants a Wife. Both had disappointing premieres this week.

It was Seven and TEN that continued to compete on Tuesday nights with Rafters on 1.87m and Generation on 1.51m.

Sadly for Nine, the only answer is to change the line-up. Again.

Week 32


  1. Jeremy Moses

    Ramsay is still as entertaining as ever. It is nine that killed him. When there was a boom, nine over-saturated the market with back to back ramsay. They ruined the fun. They did the same thing with Two and a half men, and now that takes up a rediculous amount of their primetime lineup.

    Nine has definitely screwed up. From HomeMade, to double HomeMade separated with an hour of two and a half men, to that awful best couples show, they’ve just sucked the life out of TV.

    Even if you go further back, from the axing of Micallef Tonight (which ive never forgiven them for) to attempting to millionaire-ise Wheel Of Fortune, to Hole In The Wall, nine have had problems for a long time.

    I didn’t mind The Chopping Block, but they killed that by bringing it back too soon without a host. I even stuck with “the farmer wants a wife”, until they overdid that too, and now, after watching “Greatest couples” i’ve lost interest in other people’s relationships.

    Nine’s gotta pick up their game. Perhaps GO! will have better scheduling.

  2. Not suprising re Ramsey. Kitchen knightmares USA is far insuperior to the Uk version. Seriously though nine, if people wanted to see KN or Hells kitchen, they would have bought the DVDs by now.

  3. They ran Kitchen Nightmares about half an hour late, and I only caught it within my 20 minute PVR padding because they hardly booked any ads during it.

    Nine, come on, what do you expect? If I tune in for Ramsay and see some personality-deprived berk playing commercials at me instead, don’t you expect I’ll change channel after waiting through ten minutes and a commercial break?

    Idiot Nine programmers, it’s time for a new career.

  4. I watched Ramsay last night (nothing else on) and it was the usual thing, him picking a target (Pinto the chef) and bullying him horribly until he left.
    But it seemed liek the show ended early? I thought there’d be a bit more, he usually goes back… but suddenly the terrible Entertainment Tonight was on.

    And then Ellen de Generes tried to do one of her dreadful housewife dances so I turned the TV off.

  5. If GO! is anything like the first channel Nine has, there’s no hope. What’s the point of watching any decent show they have (and I’m talking about US shows; Aussie shows are just crap) when they GO! after only an episode, or move time slots, and so on and so on.

  6. Maybe next Tuesday night, they should shove regular Channel Nine onto channel 99 and put GO! onto channel 9 (hope that didn’t confuse anyone!) and watch the ratings soar! I agree with others on here. At least put a movie on because nothing else is working!

  7. I just hope GO1 doesn’t suffer the same fate as the “premium channel” with constant axings and changes. Instead, audiences want stability. Nine, just give your shows a GO instead of axing them immediately.

  8. Maybe they could buy some Australian shows from the ABC or SBS and give them a run on nine late at night on Tuesday? or some old News Zealand movies. They might as well me getting their drama points if they’re getting those numbers.

  9. I thought that i’d better make the most of Kitchen Nightmares USA being back on for at least one more episode before Nine decides to show it again in another couple of months.

  10. This represents a great opportunity for channel nine to finally schedule some episodes of the little seen “Two and a Half men”.. they really don’t give that show a chance.

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