1. There once was a man called Rove,

    He thought he would give TV producing a go,

    There was smarter than a 5th grader and the 7pm show,

    The expectations were high but unfortunately the ratings were low,

    So back to 5th grade of comedy you go with your matching boy’s haircut in tow,

    And the answer to you producing another show is please God No!

  2. @Andrey

    I dont disagree, there are far too many single parents in the show (a problem that is only going to get worse), however I like what they are doing with the Ramsay kids.

    actually given all the recent exits (the Parkers) & some forthcoming ones the show is due a new family , so hopefully it gets one in the first half of 2010

    I am wondering if its Lyns return that has dented viewers, but if The Simpsons & The 7pm Project is suffering as well, then its something else.

  3. “Therefore it is clear that aliens are kidnapping the 7pm Project’s audience.”

    I’d say their audience is on the internet talking to their friends and doing uni/school work. Carrie Bickmore’s opinion on bullying isn’t important or interesting enough to drag them away from that.

  4. Ten is appearing like a desperate housewife – hoping hubby will come home and stay home. Hubby was home when Masterchef was screening on Ten at 7pm weeknights – he’s now gone Channel Ten – left ‘Home and gone ‘Away’ and he’s having a great time with ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I’m talking about the ailing 7PM Project…where…wait for it tonight they’ll be announcing just 5 of the contestants on Celebrity Masterchef…Oh goody! I can’t wait!!!

    So that will mean 10 minutes of Huuuuuuuughesy trying to make us laugh..then announcement of Contestant one….then ad break then another 10 minutes of Huuuuuuuughesy again trying to share a joke with us all…then announcement of Contestant No 2…..then ad break….then 10 minutes of Carrie and Huuughesy and the bug eyed guy from Idol trying to make each other laugh then announcement of Contestant No 3….then ad break…then the panel cross to Ruby Rose who doesn’t make anyone laugh but flirts with the cameraman/woman…the camera person gets all gooey and does all that hand held stuff at which point Ruby pashes Contestant No 4 and the cameraperson …then ad break….then for the final ten minutes everyone on the panel, yells and talks over each other…huuuuuuuuughesy tries another joke and looks to camera for a response and the host with the poor dress sense announces Contestant No 5.How to stretch what could be said in 5 minutes into 1 hour.

    I suspect ratings will rise but it does smack just a little of a desperate attempt to get hubby back home – despite what happens tonight I think hubby has gone- it must be the lure of those two and a half men – never home always away!!!

  5. @Wamdue
    Neighbours has become very odd – a show about suburban families without one family in the show – ie mum dad and their own kids. My kids switched to watch the boy cured of tourettes on TT last night. Very telling!

  6. 7pm Project should be rating much higher just by virtue of its crappy competition. Repeat of 2.5 men, two news shows, and home and away. For me its really the only option as ive usually watched the news by then and 2.5 men and home and away are just ghastly. Not to mention that i also find charlie pickering hilarious

  7. Studley Dudley

    TEN, please keep the 7PM Project !! … as an experiment to see if a prime time show could ever reach 0 viewers

    And Nine News in Sydney, you deserve those ratings for giving us that awful new glamour weather girl and her Pauline Hanson voice !!

  8. Koverstreet is entitled to his/her opinion. I disagree about PTTR & I note that he/she seems to endorse Money for Jam.
    Surely it’s time up for the 7pm Project?

  9. Long-time listener, first-time caller. Crunched some numbers on the 7pm slot, something looked weird to me. 7pm Project has been doing solid 750,000-odd for a while (apart from Ten’s traditional Frigged Fridays), this was a very sudden drop.

    If I’ve done my sums right, there were small falls on the other commercials, for a total loss of 213,000 viewers. ABC News picked up 25,000. So a net loss of 188,000 viewers (digital & pay TV notwithstanding).

    Compared to last Wednesday, all shows dropped (except 2.5 Men, added a thousand) for a ballpark-similar net loss of 142,000.

    So it’s not like they’re switching over, they’re just, well, disappearing.

    Therefore it is clear that aliens are kidnapping the 7pm Project’s audience.

    I have alerted the authorities.

  10. @ Koverstreet. It’s the ratings that earn the income and advertisers look at those ratings. As for your PTTR statement, it is only your opinion which would be shared by some and disregarded by the over 1.9 million plus who are watching it. Was Tens previous success brought about by the fact their shows were all tripe and worse than Nine and Sevens were at the time, I think not.

  11. i think the last nail is being driven into the 7pm project coffen at the moment. it’s dead and it’s time for it’s axe. it never worked and i stuffed if i know why they keep persisting with it

  12. Yeah wow … United States Of Tara is way down from the debut of 1,276,000 to 717,000 (559,000 is a big drop in 5 weeks or so), even the 9:30 episode of My Name Is Earl beat it and The Librarians at 9pm got 827,000 (itself a 406,000 drop from Spicks And Specks) so that’s even a 110,000 drop off for Tara from The Librarians, so over half a million people have decided Tara is not for them.

  13. David: Any idea when The Biggest Loser US is coming back? It wasnt on last Sunday and i see on the EPG its not on this Sunday either! Come on Ten theres only a few episodes left!

    Didnt catch the new money show on 9 though……was it any good?

    • Kelly, review of Money for Jam is in the Reviews section.

      I’ve also noted several times in earlier comments, TV lounge and in Programming that Biggest Loser is back Sun 13th. This info can be tracked self-service in Programming, Search or via a show’s Tag. Cheers.

  14. Thought Money For Jam would be a flop but instead it did quite well. It has engaging hosts and is mildy educational so I can see why people liked it. And @ trev since when are ratings indicative of a shows quality? Look at Rafters a terrible show with lamentable acting pretty much an extended version of H&A. Rates well. Quite often the worse the show the better it rates which explains 7s recent success.

    And @ ryan..Yes! Lyn is horrible.

  15. Ten didn’t do that well last night. Law & Order UK, Numbers and the Simpsons Hour seems to be down on previous weeks. The 7pm Project should gain some viewers tonight due to the Celebrity Masterchef announcement.

    Abc’s United States of Tara is down from it’s premiere a few weeks ago. At The Movies is also down from a few weeks ago

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