Where’s my Emmy?

stewie_evilAfter being the first animated series in nearly 50 years to be nominated for the Emmy’s Most Outstanding Comedy, producers at Family Guy are having a field day with promotional ideas.

They’re releasing six online videos that mock their fellow candidates. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Check out this first one which has a go at The Office.

Warning: gratuitous cartoon violence.

Flight of the Conchords:

Source: Hollywood Reporter


30 Rock:



  1. I love it. Even though it has been re-dubbed from an old episode it still is typical Family Guy humour.

    Shaun – You are entitled to your opinion, not everyone has to like Family Guy but it obviously got nominated because a lot of people do.

  2. People nowadays seem to forget that comedy and humour aren’t one and the same. Call me old fashioned, but I miss traditional comedies. You know… light-hearted fare where the humour complements character development and plot (not the other way around).

  3. Its a shame Ten never gave The Office a chance beyond its first 2 episodes of the admittingly lacklustre first season. Around season 2 it stepped out of the British version’s shadow and became its own show, and now its become a hit all around the world excluding Australia where its given a werewolf timeslot on Sunday nights (Monday mornings).

    Seven relaunched Scrubs after 7 years, and it was being used similarly as late-night filler. Now its a consistent rater and moreso than Seven’s other flagship comedies (HIMYM, Earl). I suspect Seven will eventually give 30 Rock a good primetime slot sometime just to test the waters, pity Ten won’t follow suit.

    On topic, I wonder what FG will make of Weeds and Flight of the Conchords

  4. What an Arrogant F*** Seth McFarlan is!! He thinks he’s the funniest person in the world and thinks he can tell you what you should and shouldn’t like!! I still do enjoy Family Guy but only from seasons 1-5. The last 3 seasons have been the same old repetitive interchangable s**t. This current season has been so disappointing, the jokes are still short and dry, theres too many stupid observations they point out and references to things and people much of us Aussies don’t understand. Stewies not evil and funny anymore, Brians become the shows equivalent of Lisa Simpson just an obnoxius little brainiac with a political angle, Louis has always s**tted me and still does and who’s had enough of all the Meg Pranks?? Give her a break shes just a depressing teenager and its not funny because thats are serious matter thats exists in society now a days!! The Simpsons have been widely consistently funny for over 20 years and its popularity has been a Marvel amongst a generation and yet they could never earn a nom in this category!! How in the F’n Hell did this get nominated??

  5. as bart says cowa bunga oh wait is that teenage mutant ninja turtles???? cant keep up with the simpsons unoriginality these days….

    i love family guy

  6. 😆

    OT I normally us a Mac with FireFox but opening this page caused the program to hang, opening it in Safari and the same. Went to the PC and tried FireFox and it works. In the last week I’ve notice the same thing with other embedded videos from Brightcove.

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