Airdate: Beauty & the Geek Australia

btgSeven unveils Beauty & the Geek Australia next month.

Bernard Curry hosts the show which sees eight Beauties and eight Geeks sharing a house together and teamed up to compete in a series of challenges to test their brains and charisma.

On offer is a $100,000 prize.

Based on the format from the Ashton Kutcher-produced series, each contestant will need to share their strengths with their partner, and overcome their own weaknesses.

Or just hook up….

During the series the girls study up on anatomy, undertake scientific experiments and re-take Year 4 history. The guys face speed dating (for many their first date ever), composing and performing their own song to a live audience (a challenge that is close to one tried on Australia’s Perfect Couple).

Bernard Curry says, “People will love this show because of its warm-hearted centre. It’s about celebrating differences and Australia will identify with both the geeks and beauties as there’s a little bit of both in all of us.”

Or because they just hook up?

It premieres 8:30pm Thursday October 8th on Seven.


  1. I think channel 7 is gender racist when they think and choose some boy saying geeks and some ugly girls saying beauties.

    Who said boys are always geeks and girls are always beautiful. This is a non-sense program. Wha the nation is learning from this show. There is no fun and no benefit for any one to watch it.

    I think TV channels must design programs which can be useful and effective for building values in our nation instead of doing some nonsense job like this.

  2. how can you people be insulting this show!!!
    its a really good light hearted showto watch and could really benefit some people to watch it. You may say that it is mean steryotyping but they must be fine with it if they agreed to go on the show and even as much as you hate to admit it but steryotyping happens in our everyday society
    i think its an awespme show and goodluck channel 7 as it smashes any other show in that time frame 🙂

  3. I have really enjoyed this show, especially the first ep made me laugh. People commenting on the girls, yeah they are average really, they are normal attractive girls. Comment on female geeks, (i hate the american word Geek) Nerds, Female Nerds would be nice to see, but i dont think overly attractive males often have the brains or personalities to match. If you dont like the Ads watch the show online as i just have, much better:D

  4. They destroyed a classic Joe Jackson song on the cheesy (and over-played, and way-too-long) promos. That makes the show a potential fail for me before I even see it.

  5. ”The guys face speed dating (for many their first date ever), composing and performing their own song to a live audience (a challenge that is close to one tried on homeMADE)” Shouldn’t that be Australia’s Perfect Couple not homeMADE?

  6. really looking forward to this, hope it does well for 7 and I also hope that we replays on 7 second digital channel when we finally get it, just wished this program was in hd and I hope that both geeks and beauty both learn something and I hope I do as well

  7. @Marco: I know someone who applied, and got a couple of steps through the audition process. But really I’m just thinking about the hierarchy of Reality Shows, the humiliation factor, and what it’s worth to them to go through it all. $100,000, around 1.5 years pay for a decent job, to presumably each of the winners, and everyone else gets nominally nothing much. It costs more than that to film an episode of it.

  8. 100,000 is plenty. i’d rather go on B&TG is only 2.5 weeks of filming which is not much when you compare it to the months of filming and competitiveness on shows like masterchef for the same prize.

    anyway, can’t wait, this is my favourite reality franchise and my most anticipated spring show. i’m glad it’s made by southern star and not in-house seven. seven’s own reality shows are never any good.

  9. $100,000 seems too low for all the rigmarole they have to go through for these shows. They give away more than that on a week of “Deal Or No Deal”. If they won’t shell out a million, can’t they at least make it $500,000?

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