US Open: Men’s / Women’s Finals

Updated: Times for the Men's Finals and the Women's Final at the US Open.

uoAnother weekend change has come through for the US Open.

Monday Sept 14
2:00am Men’s Semi No. 1: Nadal v Del Potro Live to 5am.

9:00am Men’s Semi No. 2: Federer v Djokovic

11:00am Women’s Final: Kim Clijsters v Caroline Wozniacki Live

This means Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Nine Morning News and The Ellen DeGeneres Show are now out.

The View resumes at 1pm.

Updated: Men’s Final Federer v Del Potro 9AM – 12PM Tuesday Sept 15.

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  1. Not everyone has Foxtel. I’m thankful Nine has decided to show these matches, especially after getting to see Clijsters win the final. The delay tomorrow isn’t too bad – can still watch without finding out the result without too much trouble to avoid hearing or seeing beforehand.

  2. not that i’m complaining but it strange that nine would buy the righst to an event shown live on foxsports and then show it delayed on nine, anyone who wants to watch it that has foxtel will obviously choose to watch it on foxsports.

  3. @tepee, although it is news worthy, i was surprised it was nines first story, it thought it would probably be like the third, it think the story that followed about the incident at the geelong football club was more important.

  4. allan, granted Nine may not have “cut” to it, but certainly from a journalism point of view I don’t think the matter was of such urgency as to have been put as the most prominent story of their Sunday bulletin.

  5. I’ve noticed Nine have even sent over any commentators and are just using Fox Sports commentators. Can you please confirm David that Nine are delaying the Federer v Djokovic match just so they can show Today. If this is the case than I’m glad I have Fox Sports so I can watch it live.

  6. they didn’t jump at it tepee, Tim Sheridan and Keryn Pratt were giving their thoughts between the games anyway. Those thoughts were filmed from the WWOS studios. Didn’t just “suddenly cut”.

  7. Speaking of tennis, Nine jumped at the Serena Williams “foot-fault/I’m-gonna-kill-you?” controversy, cutting to WWOS this afternoon and then having it as their first story on tonight’s 6pm news bulletin.

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