1. JM: There has been a noticable downward trend, just look at the Brisbane figures a month ago, compared to recently. The two things Hot Seat has right now, is favor in Melbourne, and Gold Coast News viewers in Brisbane.

    Deal’s issues in Brisbane can easily be solved, by some clever thinking by Seven.

  2. Geez TEN have had a dog week! NCIS and Celeb MC were the only shows that pulled 1 million +. All their regulars failed like Good News Week, Rush etc. Glee should be scoring in the millions as well.

  3. Probably says something about the networks’ approach to Saturday nights that the top three shows were all newscasts, and they were the only shows to crack the million. Maybe more people would watch if there was something available on Saturdays other than crappy movie reruns?

  4. ok can we please get rid of Susan Bower, Neighbours ratings have been average to awful this year, the only peaks worth mentioning were due to Masterchef

    year on year the ratings for Neighbours ive been down for a few months now.

  5. BH&G was just 1 big advertisement this week…. Bunnings this…. Bunnings that. It was hardly a TV show and more like a Paid segment on one of the morning shows.

    And Hot Seat won again but it was more like people turned off DOND and not that HS got more viewers. Are people getting sick of AOK? I know i am!

  6. Probably flopped because NCIS was only on like a week ago! I love NCIS and always watch the repeats but that was just too much lol. And NCIS LA looks boring compared to the orginal don’t think I’ll bother with it.

  7. I think TEN should try giving Ready Steady Cook another chance at 7 pm to see how it goes and maybe change the lay up of the show. Does anyone know how much it rated when it was on that time?

  8. So Ten’s encores of Celebrity MC and NCIS: LA came fourth, behind Hunter on ABC, and movies on Seven and Nine. That’s bad, even considering there was little promotion for the revised line-up.

  9. Hey Hey if it did return would most certainly go to it’s proper night,tonight is likely an issue with a personality from a rival network who was on the show. With almost no oppostion it would own Sat nights.

    Oh and what’s happening with DOND?? Looks like Seven may have to find a way to combat Hot Seat.

  10. Hopeless numbers for The 7pm Report, 561,000 is terrible. Friday night is not a particularly enthralling night for TV viewing, I didn’t watch anything last night apart from Seven News and Today Tonight.

  11. according to mediaspy – celebrity MC encore rated just over 500K – just scaping into the Top 20.

    the encores of NCIS and NCIS LA must have rated much less because they aren’t in the Top 20 .

    This means about 1.9 m people watched Celeb MC – so I don’t consider it to be dead and buried like some TV critics have already labelled it as such.

    Shame NINE isn’t repeating the HHIS reunion show tonight – I mean it is Saturday for geez sake – Hey? Hey?

    Just adds fuel to the rumour that if did come back on a weekly basis they won’t waste it on Saturday nights. My money is still on Sunday nights – up against DWTS, Border Security, Idol/BL/MC/SYTYCD (or whatever reality show TEN puts on at 7:30pm).

    Who would you watch?

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