Bumped: Two and a Half Men

csCancel that plan for Charlie Sheen and co to air a new ep on Tuesday next week.

New Two and a Half Men is now back to Mondays. This is just to make sure you’re all paying attention.

The second ep of the new season “Whipped Unto the New Generation” is back to 7:30pm Monday 19th October. Another follows on October 26th.

A repeat will now run at 8:30pm Tuesdays in its place.

It is also mandatory to wear a bowling shirt whilst watching this show.

That is all.


  1. Why can’t Channel Nine get its act together when it comes to programming.

    How can u get loyalty from your audience if they don’t know what day the show is on.

    They are constantly changing things and it is infuriating

    Channel Nine are a programming disaster area… Lift your game!

  2. franz chong , there are a few differences, like people actually watch 2.5 men and it is actually funny. My 2 Wives wasn’t on for long, so the only similarity i can see are the similar sounding titles. I like the fact that nine have their comedy block back on Mondays, like they traditionally had with Friends and what ever they paired with it.

  3. Not Much has changed from the early nineties.Back then on a Tuesday Night around 1991/92 We had My Two Wives The 2.5 Men of the day here in Australia

  4. Excellent news! Now I won’t miss it at all due to watching NCIS and recording Packed to the Rafters, I had no more room left for Two and a Half Men! Thank you very much Nine!

  5. Those of us who haven’t yet stooped to watching soap operas at nighttime were actually looking forward to this, as there’s little else on a Tuesday night, not now that Fear, Stress & Anger has finished.
    On the other hand, Monday nights are crowded with shows, the type of people who enjoy 2.5 Men will likely have to not watch something they normally would.

  6. Whatever Nine do, Tuesdays will never work for them. PTTR/NCIS and all the rest all have solid audiences, wont switch for anything. Only thing that has a chance is Hey Hey.

    Good move by Nine moving it to Mondays.. pick the day that will allow the show to rate the highest.

  7. Okay for what even reason this is the top rating comedy so why is Nine screwing with it so much? Do they figure people won’t know or care if they are new eps or not?

    And now time to get my shorts and bowling shirt out of the closet…

  8. Great news. I much prefer the new 2.5 men eps on Monday nights. I also watch Rafters and Survovor on GO, so I would have had to miss one of the three on Tuesday nights.

  9. so that’s how they make people watch all the repeats, sneak in the new episodes randomly all over the place so that if you do not watch each and every single episode they screen you may miss the new one.

  10. Their Tuesday Competition for 2.5 men consists of another family friendly drama and crime shows and whatever the ABC and SBS show also.
    This comes some Eighteen Years after the Short Lives My Two Wives debuted on Channel Nine in 1991 in much the same timeslot.same concept but americanised this time around.

  11. Something tells me 2.5 Men viewers don’t care / can’t tell a part a new episode from a repeat anyway.

    But seriously, this is beyond pathetic.

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