CSI: Crossover

The CSI franchise has an upcoming storyline set to span across Miami, New York and Las Vegas.

lfThe CSI franchise is finally going for the obvious with a crossover storyline set to span across Miami, New York and Las Vegas.

Laurence Fishburne’s character is set to follow the tale across all three editions.

The story will begin when a severed leg is discovered in the Everglades belonging to a girl who went missing from Las Vegas a week earlier, Horatio Caine (David Caruso) sends for Dr. Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne).

“The story is really a ticking clock story,” says CSI: NY‘s executive producer Peter Lenkov. “It is really a hunt for a suspect, but also saving a girl’s life. I think we put blinders on to get that done by the end of the episode. This [case] takes priority because it is real triage the way it lands in our lap.

“We realise soon after that time is of the essence. We elected in that episode to make it our sole focus.”

The episode will air in the US in November, which will make scheduling interesting at Nine, given we’re in the new season of CSI but behind on the other two franchises.

Should be good one to catch though…

Source: ET

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  1. I have read too many negatives on this site over the past 48 hours, therefore how about we get this post out of the archives and back to the headlines/on the radar/front page… Can you do that David ???

    Why, because something is finally being delivered… (oh, let me take some notes, you are going to bloody well whinge, right ???)

    Tomothy said October 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm
    Whats the bet that Nine will skip these episodes entirely.CSI Special Event

    Well, today is the 16/11/09, a month later, and the following is taking place

    8.30pm – 11.30pm Nine – Thursday 19 November 2009
    The CSI team travel to New York and Miami in search of a young girl taken hostage as part of a major human trafficking operation. For the first time in history the CSI team will appear in all three episodes.

    Finally, it looks like 9 will keep to something they said a month ago…

  2. These would be great episdoes to see but doubtful that Nine will air these episodes logically – with the current lag for NY and Miami and that they rarely have all 3 franchises being shown in any one week nowadays.
    Another one wanting CSI: NY back on air (Nine not Go!). Was especially interested with the current storylines involving Danny & Lindsay – which loses impact with the stop/starts.

  3. I hope we get to see it. Also bring back CSI NY. Nine puts it on and then takes it off after a couple of weeks so we are falling so much behind america. America started there 6th season 4 weeks ago and we are still half way through the 5th season. Even put it on after CSI Miami on Sundays. I would rather watch CSI NY anyday.

  4. Wow a dream come true for us CSI tragics!

    And yeh CSI:NY would go well 10.30 sun nights. It annoys me when it starts and stops all the time and you don’t get a chance to get back into the show properly. For me CSI:NY is the best one atm with the other two past their peak somewhat although still very entertaining.

  5. It’s interesting CSI are doing more cross-overs now that William Petersen has left the original show.

    From what I heard he was dead set against any cross-overs.

    Should be a good one to watch though.

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