Eamon Sullivan sizzles while MasterChef simmers

Eamon SullivanCelebrity MasterChef didn’t enjoy a big surge last night, even without Hey Hey the Reunion.

The reality show took 1.18m viewers, suggesting viewers preferred the emotional arc of ‘real people’ in the first series. Last night’s cook-off was won by swimmer Eamon Sullivan who looks like being the one to beat so far. He sent Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and actor Simon Westaway back to their pantries.

Meanwhile Three Rivers had a disappointing debut of 499,000, dropping a sizeable amount of its NCIS: LA lead in of 1.07m. The crime show won its timeslot.

Seven’s factuals were probably the big winners of the night with Border Security on 1.32m and Medical Emergency on 1.24m. Nine’s Two and a Half Men reached 1.21m but Money for Jam, which had a big season premiere, is now just 858,000.

Even Spicks and Specks wasn’t hitting its best, 1.06m, but Hungry Beast saw more people checking it out at 719,000 (up from 539,000). United States of Tara finished with 732,000.

Just 4,000 viewers separated Deal or No Deal and Hot Seat.

Week 42


  1. I would watch that show too Jack, pity it’ll never happen. I dont think Eamon took any lessons. He has said he loves cooking, and if you read his bio on the Swimming Australia website, he says that he wants to own his own restaurant or something after he finishes with swimming. So clearly cooking is his passion, next to swimming, hence why he is so good at it.

    One thing i did notice on the show was in Eamon’s intro video thing, he said (i think) that he won 1 silver and 2 bronzes at the Olympics. I might be mistaken with what he said, but i know that he won 2 silvers and 1 bronze. So either he has blocked out the summer games almost completely, or he is just a billy :p

    I enjoy CMC, and every week i have a fav on. I know i’ll be tuning in every week. And i dont really like the factual shows, or any show on Nine, so CMC is the best form of entertainment available on wedneday nights 🙂

  2. Ben, even if Eamon had had supposed lessons to prepare his first dish, he could never have predicted what he’d have to cook (the duck) to ultimately be judged upon. At the end of the day, he was the better cook of the three. Many amateurs are skilled in the kitchen without any formal training whatsoever. Some people just do not know how to read recipes – looked like Simon Westaway toasted the peppercorns without rock salt whilst Eamon did, hence Simon’s repeatedly burnt peppercorns. You don’t stand a chance on that show if you can’t follow a recipe.

  3. Me too Jed … it takes very little effort to come up with a great idea for a show … other than Cop Shows, Medical Dramas and Vampire shows which are now so lame and predictable …

  4. Hmmm, I’m Mrs ordinary viewer and I think City Homicide has improved with the new detectives, the Townsend girl is very good !! Noni H is the boring part or CH, so Bring back Shane Bourne !!

    I tape CH and watch NCIS:LA & I’m liking it just as much as NCIS. Thankfully it has a totally different format.

    I agree with most other posts that CMA is boring, Sorry Ch 10 but it puts me to sleep.

  5. they haven’t ruined a winning formula. Either way, MC next year is never going to rate as well as this year, and that has got zilch to do with celebrity MC. It’s still early days, and 1.18 isn’t bad for TEN.. I’m sure they’d be reasonably happy, especially if the demo’s are in their favour.

  6. last night lnp ran an ad about anna bligh and about her lie. gawd that was funny seeing a party lie lnp bagging another government when they cant keep their own heads a float

  7. I found Simon Westaway’s comment in CMC hilarious: “you don’t make mistakes in this show and win”. Um, hello, Julie!!! 😉

    Looks like Poh’s getting more work, saw a funny ad during CMC for some secret recipe competition.

  8. Oh TEN have not ruined MC for gods sake. Liste to yourselves. At the start of the original it didnt rate as high as it got to – Im more than sure come the final weeks Celeb MC will be rating 1.4 mill (at least!)

  9. Need to cull out some no hopers looking for to piggy back on to series 1 and stick to talented and driven people with some personality traits other than “look at me, I’m cooking”.

  10. Eamon is very captivating … give him his own show … how about “Naked Celebrity Chef” ???
    Three Rivers … another Medical show is a waste of time … be creative and come up with something different for a change!
    Also, I loved City Homicide but it has just lost it’s spark since Shane Bourne left … it is just getting stale …

  11. I still think it’s good numbers for CMC. I still like to watch it.

    Three Rivers didn’t interest me, there was too much advertising with Alex O’Loughlin standing around with his hands clasped together.

  12. Thanks for ruining a great show Channel 10! Its only going to destory the viewers from returning next year for the “proper” season 2. Where as before it was mainly about the contestants, now George, Gary and Matt feature too much. No one really cares who wins because they are celebrities.

    Why don’t networks realise that they shouldn’t change a winning formula!

  13. These daily reports are interesting. However once again they fail to point out anything to do with demo wins, which I believe is a big mistake. Demos aren’t going to go away and in the long term will be a lot more important that Ttl ppl.

    I understand the need to point out Ttl ppl wins for the no brainers, but demos are pretty important, especially when the slant of this story has been based on ignoring the fact that CM was the number one show in it’s timeslot for everyone under 55!
    The big winner (same as every night pretty much) is 7 for taking a sizeable chunk of people over 55, thus carrying them to their usual win.

  14. “suggesting viewers preferred the emotional arc of ‘real people’ in the first series” – You might be right about this. It doesn’t seem as good without “real” competitors. Maybe it’s because none of the celebrities have always dreamt about becoming a chef.

    Mind you in the original I always wondered about the contestants who stated that it was their dream . if it was something they always wanted to do then why didn’t they get an apprenticeship when they were younger???

  15. CMC is a bore, even last night when they had their 2 most famous celebs. i should’ve watched that BS special.

    ch9 not cracking the mil post 2.5men will be a dissapointement to them.

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