Flashforward by seven days, what did you seen again?

A week on from their launches and most of last Monday's new shows took a tumble. It's just a question of how far.

flashforward23A week on from their launches and most of last Monday’s new shows took a tumble. It’s just a question of how far.

Last week FlashForward took 1.78m. Last night it was 1.47m.

Mercy slipped from 1.07m to 828,000.

The Apprentice Australia fell from 692,000 to 657,000.

Meanwhile The Mentalist rose from 988,000 to 1.08m.

Seven won the night again thanks to other shows including Highway Patrol (1.29m) and Destroyed in Seconds (1.22m). But Seven has already slated a replay of both FlashForward eps: 9:30pm Wednesday in place of Criminal Minds.

And SBS had a good night too. Top Gear‘s 864,000 was third in its slot, while Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? was last on 737,000. Man vs Wild retained a much bigger 463,000 for SBS than last week’s High Altitude228,000.

ACA‘s tough story beat TT – 1.36m to 1.32m. Deal beat Hot Seat: 739,000 to 654,000.

Nurse Jackie was up to 462,000 over last week’s 396,000 and The 7PM Project also rose to 747,000 over last week’s 675,000.

As Sydney returned from their long weekend, looks like many wound down in front of the telly.

Week 41.

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  1. FF will probably lose each week, and eventually it’ll get shuffled from and 8:30 start, to 9:30 to eventually a 10:30 start……. The show is mildly interesting, but if i miss an episode here and there, i know i wont be kicking myself…..

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