Foxtel dates: GO! 7TWO & ABC3

Cable viewers will get GO! and 7TWO at the end of November while ABC3 will be added to all subscribers from December 4th.

GO!GO! and 7TWO will launch nationally on Foxtel cable on November 24th. Updated: 7TWO will be available on Foxtel Satellite in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from the 24th November as well.

The launch date follows Kim Williams’ comments earlier this month that the channels would arrive by late November.

The two new channels will be on Ch 129 and 127 respectively.

By contrast, ABC3 will enjoy comprehensive coverage, to both cable and satellite viewers, nationally from its launch date December 4th (big tick).

Seven will also air to satellite viewers in Melbourne and Brisbane from November 15th, falling into line with satellite subscribers in Sydney (no changes to viewers in Adelaide and Perth).

Satellite viewers have no start-up date for GO! or 7TWO yet.

Meanwhile ONE remains available in SD to cable viewers and HD to cable subscribers who have the IQ2.

Foxtel airs the channels on satellite so long as networks pay the at-cost satellite fee.

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  1. We don’t get any of the ‘free to air’ on satelite, which really ignores me. We are in the Newcastle area so they stop the broadcasts to us, apparently due to commercials….what crap. Can’t record the ‘free to air’; anymore so nowadays watching elsehere…..and they wonder why people are no longer watching the shows.

  2. I am an Adelaide Foxtel cable Customer and was browsing through my channels today ( Dec 14th 2009 ) and noticed that Foxtel Adelaide is now transmiitting the GO channel via cable …. so it might be on in Perth now as well.

    It’s worth checking



  3. It’s rather confusing really. I saw an advert for Go! on foxtel (satelliete – sydney) last week saying “go! channel 129” etc and got all excited thinking it was available, but then got “channel unavailable” when I tried to access it and so was a bit confused. I see now that it is because I am not a cable user. I’ve not seen the advert since though.

    We have 7Two though. I have to wonder why we got that so fast, but we are still waiting for Go! Go! has been around for ages!

  4. So where is “GO” channel 129 for Perth cable subscribers?. 7TWO came on line today (Nov 24) as promised . But switching to 129 we get the message “Channel unavailable”. Did GO come online in other states except WA on cable ?

  5. Well I am not surprised that on Perth Foxtel cable we have 7two but Not Go! (which is what I suspected all along).

    Interesting, there was a brief item discussion on one of the forums:


    that Foxtel were in reaching agreement with WIN to carry the Nine service (even as far as suggesting satellite!). Anybody have any inside information on this?
    I’ll believe it when I see it ….

  6. Well it’s Nov 24th and Foxtel cable customers in Adelaide can now receive the TWO channel but not the GO channel.

    At least that means I can now catch up with some of years of episodes of Heartbeat that Channel 7 sat on for years without ever showing.

    It was a sad day for Heartbeat fans when Channel 7 outbid the ABC for what was a Saturday evening ratings winner for Channel 2.

    Channel 7 then showed it at all sorts of weird times and interrupted the program every few mins to show a few mins of adverts. According to freinds with the DVD’s they had to edit parts of the program out to fit all the adverts in.

    Oh the luxury of the ABC. 😉

  7. Ok now I get it. 7Two and Go! are likely to be on foxtel satellite from november 24th (in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane). This is because these channels are still in SD. The only FTA HD channel is OneHD which will not go on foxtel as yet.

    Does that sound right David?

    1. Not quite Tony.

      ONE HD is available for those who have the unique combination of Foxtel Cable and iQ2.

      I believe the issue is the satellite fees with networks focussing on the cities that “matter most” to them. My interpretation anyway.

  8. I wish I could find out Why Adelaide is being exluded from receiving 7TWO delivered by Foxtel cable when Sydney, Melboure and Brisbane will be receiving this benefit. We pay the same Foxtel fees in Adelaide.

  9. Ok, so, Nov 24 as indicated. But youre now confusing me, Is this indicated for Cable only or Satellite AND Cable? And, although no ONE HD, what about ONE SD. On Freeview you get LCN12 which is SD broadcast of ONE. I believe this is already available on Foxtel Cable too. What about us poor stooges on Satellite. Or do we miss out yet again….

  10. sick of the fact that satellite subscribers in Adelaide can not get FTA channels. I pay for a platinum package (ie $120 a month) and because I am on satellite (through no choice of my own, cable not offered in my area) am unable to get the FTA channels through my foxtel IQ. Come on 7,9 & 10 – I would watch a lot more free to air channels if they were through the foxtel service…really starting to get sick of it and you would think now that you’re upping the channels again that it would have been benefical for your viewers … oh well, I’ll go back to whinging in “backwater” adelaide since we can’t even get FTA through our system!

  11. I have Foxtel via Satellite in Melbourne. Have the IQ2 but no one can give me any indication when FTA HD will be available. Does anyone have any idea? I am atleast extremely happy that I will get Channel 7 on nov 15 but really want One HD and even Go via the IQ2. Any idea anyone?

  12. If 7TWO is avaliable today ( November 1 2009 at 12 PM ) in Adelaide, why is Foxtel carrying the new channel in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but Not Adelaide ?

    I would really appreciate a good reason for this.



  13. I am very dissapointed not to get 7two in Wollongong.Digital HD tv is a complete joke down here,unless you watch ONE HD sport there is nearly nothing else avaliable in HD down here ,all Prime HD shows are broadcast in SD (except about 5%), WIN (9) has NO HD at all TEN (none) ,Why did I spend $7000 on a full HD reciever?????. Nearly wants to make you move to Sydney.

  14. I am a satellite customer and pay over $100 per month for Foxtel. Why should I have to wait for channels to come onto Foxtel. Are they going to offer me a refund for making me switch btw Foxtel and free to air, think not!!

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