Returning: The Hills

the hillsGO! is returning MTV reality series The Hills later this month.

The show is back at 6pm Saturday October 31st.

It picks up at S2E7 “With Friends Like These…”

It is Jen’s 21st birthday and heartbreak is headed for The Hills. Spencer and Heidi set Jen up with Brody, further driving a wedge between Heidi and Lauren’s friendship. It is clear that Lauren needs to evaluate her friendships.

It will be followed by S2E8 “Enough is Enough.”

Heidi tries to spend more time with Lauren and save their friendship but she bails on her at the last minute, choosing to go away with Spencer. As a result, Lauren turns to Audrina. Whitney tries to move up the ranks at Teen Vogue but it’s not easy.

These eps are from 2007.


  1. @TVTonightKiiD I agree. I think The Hills would be a better lead in for Vampire Diaries then Seinfeld or Fraser.

    It’s a pity GO! can’t show Season 5 of The Hills. These episodes are pretty old now. And I know I’ve asked before but GO! I wouldn’t mind Laguna Beach or Real Housewives .. it’s my guilty pleasure.

  2. How do they call these shows “reality shows” when basically everything is set up to be recorded. If it was real they’d be taking about the crew follwing them around and how they perceived themselves on “The Hills”!

  3. I was so happy when i saw that The Hills is returning… but the time and day sucks :(. Im dissapointed they moved it from it’s original 10.30 Thursdays timeslot. Even their second timeslot 7.30 Mondays was better than this new Saturday. I won’t be able to watch :(.

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