TEN readies new Simpsons

Looks lvery likely that the 21st season of The Simpsons will be with us shortly.

SimpsonsHomerTheWhopperTEN is readying a new series of The Simpsons to air.

TV Tonight has received a preview of the first episode of the 21st season, “Homer the Whopper” which aired in the US on September 27th.

So far only two episodes have aired.

But there is no indication of where it will screen yet. If it goes into its traditional 7:30 slot, then presumably Wednesday and Thursday are out.

Fifth Grader is in place until Monday October 19th. Then there is always the troubled Spearman Experiment. Could Homer replace Magda yet?

Last time TEN tried the new eps it was on Friday -but it seems such a waste. TEN also has The Simpsons Movie on Friday night this week.

“Homer the Whopper” is co-written by and stars Seth Rogen.

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  1. Not a bad idea for them to return to Sunday Nights for the Simpsons.

    I hope all you people with young children are happy.We lost a dating show that was new and fresh something different for the 6pm timeslot just so you can get your fix Of the Recycled Simpsons.

    Bold and the Beautiful Fans Need not apply.

  2. I Like the idea that Ten is willing to air the new season just a few weeks after it has aired in America! They always seemed to air it either when it was just about 3/4 done or finished. They even at times led the last season into the new season airing in America. When they premiered season 20 at the begging of the year, they made a good move, only Fridays don’t work. They need to either have it Wednesdays, as most people are home midweek or better still, Sundays when most people are at home and just have nothing other than a failing Idol and a news style 60 minutes that can be graphic for kids, a documentary on ABC or SBS that suits Adults. In the late nineties (97-99), they did airings on a Sunday. This is how I got to see them up until now!

  3. “Then there is always the troubled Spearman Experiment. Could Homer replace Magda yet?”

    Yes. From Tuesday Oct 13 7.30pm. Spearman moved to Friday from next week.
    New Simpsons Tue 7.30 followed by repeat of season 20 Simpsons at 8pm

  4. “Last time TEN tried the new eps it was on Friday” – actually after TEN realised that new eps on Friday were a waste TEN slotted New Simpsons on Wednesdays following MasterChef.

  5. ‘the troubled Spearman Experiment’ – and 5th Grader isn’t troubled!?

    Any day is fine by me – i’ll watch no matter where it is.

    Ch 10 please don’t listen to the people saying the Office needs a primetime slot. It doesn’t.

  6. I suppose by “ready” they mean “censor”… -.-

    I’d much rather Ten provided a warning prior to the programme rather than butcher the episodes the way that they have these past few years.

  7. If Ten had been smart in the first place they would have an extra channel (like Channel 9 with Go!) for all the crap they put on that doesn’t rate like the Spearman Experiment and The 7pm Project. Then that would leave plenty of room on the normal channel 10 for all the good-rating programs like The Simpsons.
    But no, we’re stuck with a pointless omni-sports channel. Bit silly really.

  8. New Simpsons doesn’t rate well but still wins 16-39’s and will do much better than Spearman. Mondays aren’t a bad option once 5th Grader finishes.

    Wonder what Rove’s future is given all his shows (7pm, Rove, 5th Grader) are all rating so poorly now?

  9. @ Paull – would love to see The Office at 8pm; with Simpsons set to do at least 900k in a Tuesday 7.30 timeslot and NCIS hitting highs of 1.5 million The Office should have a pretty plum timeslot at 8pm and should be able to hold onto what The Simpsons does – Ten’s best chance at success with the show IMO. But its dreaming right? Ten would never be that clever to air The Office in a pre- midnight timeslot??? 🙁

  10. @Leigh: The simpsons haven’t had good episodes for quite a few seasons now. I’d say season 20 was it’s worst yet. At least season 19 and before had proper storylines and weren’t just trying to clone family guy (which doesn’t work).

  11. After watching the first two episodes of the Simpsons I have to say this season isn’t the best only judging by the first two eps. I watched the Spearman Experiment last night and thought “what a waste of time” especially when you have 20 to 1 showing on 9: two similar shows in the same time slot! New Simpsons at 7.30pm Tuesday is a good slot, replace Spearman!

  12. Yes, get rid of Magda! It is such a waste of space. Her hosting is such a waste of space, a huge waste of her talent, she is capable of so much more. Just let it die and replace it with The Simpsons – it’s actually a good timeslot for them, because the competition is aiming at a much older audience. Logically, it is the way forward, Ten!

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