1. Oh my God, 493K for The 7pm Project!!! Shocking, absolutely unforgivable rating. Ten may as well close down transmission on Friday nights, they’ ve got nothing.

  2. Wow home and away has really declined ratings wise , is it the current storylines that are turning viewers off because in the UK we are only on the Grant is kidnapped by Charlie storyline and Alf finds him murdered on the beach next week.

  3. I agree with Craig. Home and Away is not that great at the moment which is a shame because I’m a big fan. Lately I’ve found myself skipping episodes and not worrying about what I’ve missed. The Annie/Romeo storyline made me flick stations and as for Ruby!! What a whining brat she has become. Also, what happened to Martha’s cancer??!! Come on, lift ya game!!

  4. @ Craig. The Don Lane Special that aired last night was put together late last year once it was known how ill Don Lane was. It has been sitting around for many months in anticipation of his possible passing, which is why it could air within hours of Lane’s death being announced.

  5. Very happy to see Rush in the Top 10 again, last night episode was my favourite on out of all of them, inc. S1. Burn Notice is doing decent numbers for TEN at 9.30 and Im very surprised to see Don Lane Tribute up top.

  6. Wow, Home & Away nearly slipped below the million again last night.

    Does anyone know when this year’s series wraps??
    I’m getting bored with the current storylines, maybe I’ll start sampling 7PM again.

  7. ABC2 thank you very much for Graham Norton, I laughed my head off for 45 minutes. Rove take note – you interview people by actually talking to them for more than 2 minutes.

    Agree re NCIS LA, don’t see the point of it really. Doesn’t do anything for me.

    I really like Glee but am hating on the fake baby storyline. I realise it will probably all come out in the wash but in the meantime not happy jan.

  8. No surprise that the Don Lane tribute topped the ratings last night. Beauty of the Geek dropped from last week, dragging down the figures for The Amazing Race as well.

  9. I started watching the Don Lane special but right away you could tell it was mostly clips and not much commentary, not that that is a bad thing but you could tell it was thrown together very quickly. Now maybe Nine had been working on it for a while, getting clips together but it just felt rushed to me. Still good viewing for fans.

  10. @ Allie says:
    October 23, 2009 at 11:15 am
    “I’m surprised the Don Lane tribute topped the ratings, considering he hasn’t been on air regulary in over 25 years and most Gen X and Yers would have little, if no, memory of him”

    It probably shows that most people watching TV on a thursday night are not Gen X or Y. They are more likely to be out, or using internet, watching download shows or DVD’s than older generations.

  11. I’m surprised the Don Lane tribute topped the ratings, considering he hasn’t been on air regulary in over 25 years and most Gen X and Yers would have little, if no, memory of him. ACA flogged yet again by TT – almost 200,000 extra viewers for TT. The less said about the Nine News turkey, the better. The Secret Millionaire did very good figures for a 9.30pm slot – I would not be surprised if it is moved to an earlier timeslot, as it appears to be a winner.

  12. 7.30 is a strange slot for a show like GW it’s more an 8.30 show.

    I’ve been watching some of Secret Millionaire lately as there’s nothing else on that interests me and found it to be excellent feel good tv. Not must watch by any means but it’s heart warming and deserves decent ratings.

  13. All Saints has had higher ratings than Rescue, City Homicide & Rush this week.
    Given that it AS has been axed, all these other shows must be under some pressure long-term. (Rush has been renewed for season 3)

  14. Agree with the consensus that City Homicide is dying on the vine in the slot Seven have it in at the moment. It needs to be moved post haste. Seven is by far the most successful network for Australian drama, has been for quite some time, so i don’t understand why they are killing something that was formerly so successful for them.

    Also agree with everyone about the bizarre nature of the NCIS:LA set. I have the show on in the background and only watch snatches of it, but I don’t understand the set. Do they work out of stately Wayne Manor or something? I can’t figure it out.

  15. don’t usually watch rush but gave it another go tonight and i was pretty impressed! there was so much going on it kept me entertained the whole ep. and burn notice’s ep would have been one of the best it has ever had, so much action going on it was so kool! and i loved the end when they asked michael to come back and work for them and he just jumped out of the helicopter into the ocean as if to say stick it!

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