7TWO is on the air

7twoAustralia officially has a new television channel: 7TWO.

Seven’s new digital channel hit screens at 12pm today beginning with a one minute countdown, followed by an animation of 7’s mascot, a Tom Williams preview promo, the “It’s Time” theme song, a music clip from Hugh Sheridan, and a sneak peek of this week’s Packed to the Rafters wedding episode. In the switch from its promo loops to on air it was also preceded by a black screen.

7a7TWO’s first full programme is Michael Jackson: His Latest Televised Concert, followed by movies and episodes of Scrubs. An advertistement for This is It was the first advertisement followed by a Sony CD ad for Jessica Mauboy and Harvey Norman.

As the last of the commercial network’s digital channels to arrive, it is a broad entertainment channel offering themed nights of movies, action, mystery, lifestyle and more.

7bIt’s key attractions will be first run episodes of Ugly Betty, Heroes and next year Lost and 24.

The channel will be rated by OzTAM from today, giving Seven a nice boost to its ratings figures.

It is due to be added to Foxtel cable from November 24th, but so far Prime Television is yet to declare a start date. Viewers in those markets will likely be behind key episodes of some series that begin this week.

The channel is already enjoying cross-promotion on Seven.


  1. Another here who relies on Wagga….. Prime are encouraging us to download shows and once I figure that out, why would I bother coming back???? I would not bother starting watching their Ugly Betty several episodes in when I can get it elsewhere.


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