Foxtel unveils Winter Olympics team

foxtel olympics 027aFoxtel unveiled its Winter Olympics team for 2010 at an industry lunch today in Sydney.

Steve Liebmann and former FOX Footy Channel reporter, Tiffany Cherry will lead the presentation team. At 7:30pm AEDT each night Liebmann and Cherry will showcase all the day’s best events, medal tallies, who to watch and conduct interviews with athletes.

Also reporting will be sports journalist Tracey Holmes, SKY News sports reporter James Bracey and FOX Sports News host Adam Peacock.

Matt Shirvington will be based in Vancouver while and FOX Sports News host Sarah Jones will be at Whistler. Both will be on location when Aussie athletes compete for gold medal events.

Ruby Rose, who has lived in Vancouver, will cover the atmosphere of extreme sports, including snowboarding and freestyle skiing.

Vancouver resident Michael Buble, official Foxtel Vancouver Olympic Winter Games ambassador, will give commentary of the ice hockey competitions.

Foxtel’s Director of Sports and Olympic Games Peter Campbell said: “In an Australian first, Foxtel will broadcast every Gold Medal event Live and every competing Australian Live and in full. No other television event will have seen a broadcast operating 24hours a day from the one studio and controlling four independent channels for 17 days, all from the location that the sports are occurring. Our hosts are a critical part of guiding, educating and informing our customers through the amazing choice of athletic competition on offer.”

Foxtel’s Director of Television and Marketing Brian Walsh, said: “In a manner which mirrors this multi-faceted delivery we have assembled a team which truly covers all the bases. Steve Liebmann, Tiffany, Tracey, James and Adam, along with Matt, Sarah, Ruby and Michael Bublé will all have a different take on the spectacle of the Winter Olympics. As the contest covers the intensity of high-speed sports to the more artistically-expressive performance sports – it is vital to have a varied perspective. You would have to admit that between Steve Liebmann and Ruby Rose we have assembled a team of reliability and freshness, experience and passion. It’s going to be big.”

Foxtel will also share a commentary team made up of Commonwealth and Olympic Greats with Channel Nine.

They include Winter Olympian Steve Lee, Moguls champion Michael Kennedy and Olympic Gold and Bronze Medallist, aerial skier Alisa Camplin, Gold Medallist Belinda Noonan, former Dutch Champion and European Speed Skating Championship medallist Carla Zijilstra, and Australia’s first Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and Aussie favourite Steven Bradbury.

Roger White, the first and only male to represent Australia in the sport of Luge, will talk viewers through the break-neck sports being held at the Whistler sliding centre while Jay Onley, three-time Australian snowboard champion will call all the action from the snowboarding.

Foxtel and Austar’s coverage will be carried over four SD and four HD channels for an early bird $50 full package.

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  1. Foxtel made a ridiculous decision that people have to pay extra to view the olympics. I can only hope this wont be the case come the Summer Olympics.

  2. So three sports journalists and a bunch of “celebrities” – typical Foxtel stupidity. Might as well get Ian Thorpe, Mike Hammond, Charlotte Dawson and previous winners of Top Model and Contender to be hosts too…

  3. MTV sure are getting the short end of the stick after hiring Ruby for their channel. She seems too busy hosting Fox8 and Channel 10 programs to produce anything of worth to MTV.

  4. What qualifies Ruby Rose to present the extreme sports?? C’mon… Is her her ‘extreme’ haircut, cos it’s as if that’s her only qualifying experience then it’s pretty pi** poor.

  5. Foxtel made two odd choices by having Ruby Rose covering extreme sports (which means she will be absent from The 7pm Project for at least two weeks) and Michael Buble calling ice hockey. Leave the ice hockey to commentators from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or NBC.
    Channel Seven will be watching Foxtel’s coverage with interest before deciding whether to bid for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia as well as the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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