Chris Uhlmann joins SKY News

Former Nine and ABC political editor will become a Political Contributor at SKY News.

Former Nine News political editor Chris Uhlmann is joining SKY News as a Political Contributor.

Uhlmann will be a regular contributor on Credlin program, with his first appearance on Tuesday 16 April at 6:00pm AEST.

Then, each Wednesday from 11:00am AEST, he will join Chief News Anchor Kieran Gilbert during NewsDay.

He will also work across major  documentary projects and special investigations.

Chris Uhlmann said: “I am delighted to be joining SKY News as a contributor. I have watched the network since its inception and have always admired its commitment to journalism though straight-shooting broadcasters like Kieran Gilbert and Laura Jayes. In 2010 I helped establish ABC News 24 and had a brutal reality check on just how hard it is trying to keep pace with SKY.

“Many have noted the network also encourages robust, opinionated debate. So robust it allowed commentators like Peta Credlin and Chris Kenny to passionately prosecute opposite sides of the Voice debate. SKY stands tall in the Australian media landscape. You may not agree with it, but you can’t ignore it.”

Paul Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, SKY News Australia said: “Chris Uhlmann is a highly regarded political journalist who, through his decades of experience, has covered some of the biggest stories that have shaped Australia’s political history. We’re delighted Chris joins our unrivalled political team to provide our viewers with astute analysis and thought-provoking commentary, backed by sharp political instincts and an intricate understanding of the machinations of government.”

An award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than three decades across print, radio, television and online, Uhlmann was the Political Editor for the Nine Network from 2017 – 2022, a role previously held by respected Australian political journalist Laurie Oakes.

Uhlmann spent two decades at the ABC, first as host of its Canberra breakfast program and later appointed Political Editor in 2015 reporting for flagship programs ABC News and 7.30.

Uhlmann has also co-written a series of political novels set in Canberra which were later adapted into the television series Secret City for Foxtel. He is also the co-author of the children’s book The Useless Tune.

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  1. He seemed Good, but why move?
    Did he leave & Betray Channel 9?? Why did he even leave Nine in the First Place!??
    Could’ve been & worked together with Nine’s Charles Croucher.! It must mean now Charles Croucher is better than him.

  2. I used to admire his credibility when he was on ABC & Nine, but that’s all gone if he is going to work with an LNP lap dog like Peta Credlin

    1. I was not a fan of Chris Uhlmann, but Sky News does need to develop a bit more news credibility if it wants to increase its subscribers, remember you have to pay for Sky News, maybe Chris could grab one or two headlines like David Speers did before he went to the ABC.

  3. Such a shame when good former ABC staff go to the dark side.

    He might well be a “highly regarded political journalist” but that doesn’t fit the Murdoch ethos. He might find it very difficult to be told what he can and cannot report or say. He must have negotiated a massive remuneration deal to give up his freedom of speech.

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