Governor’s play for love

pkHeads up fans of Prisoner!

Patsy King, best known as Governor Erica Davidson, is emerging from the wings to tread the boards again, in a stage production of A.R. Gurney two hander, Love Letters.

First performed in 1988, the play features two actors reading letters their characters have written to each other over 50 years. It has been performed numerous times with celebrity pairings, and picked up a Pulitzer Prize along the way.

During her time on Prisoner, King was the show’s first Governor, prior to the role by actress Gerda Nicholson. She says she is still recognised by nostalgic fans of the show.

”I still get mail from all parts of the world and there’s a fan club in Sweden.”

She hopes her performances will raise funds for St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

King will perform the piece alongside actor Malcolm Robertson.

Love Letters is on at the Chapter House of St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday at 7.30pm.

Source: Herald Sun

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