Seven amendment update

A pile of changes are in for Seven for the last two weeks of ratings. Bad news for American Dad, good news for Family Guy... plus more.

FamilyGuyA pile of changes are in for Seven for the last two weeks of ratings. It’s bad news if you like American Dad but good news if you prefer Family Guy.

Wed Nov 18
11pm American Dad is replaced by Family Guy rpt

Thu Nov 19
10:30pm Family Guy marathon 3 eps rpt
American Dad is out

Sun Nov 22
9:30pm Castle double ep
Real Crime is out

Tue Nov 24
7:30pm Unlikely Animal Friends
9:30pm Private Practice dbl ep

Wed Nov 25
9:30pm Criminal Minds (new ep)
11pm Family Guy dbl ep rpt
Both American Dad and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (shifting to summer) are out.

Thu Nov 26
9:30pm The Amazing Race dbl ep
11:30pm Family Guy rpt
American Dad is out

Fri Nov 27
8:30pm Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
11:50pm Family Guy rpt

Sat Nov 28
6:30pm Special: Merry Madagascar
7:00pm Movie: Ratatouille
9:15pm Movie: The Santa Clause 3

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  1. @franz

    They’re all repeats, nothing new, so fans of the show aren’t getting any kind of treat. In fact all Family Guy episodes have been repeats for a while now. It’s kind of hard to work out why, exactly, they need to replace brand new episodes of American Dad with old episodes of Family Guy, it’s not like we’re talking a prime time slot or anything.

    But hey, TV programming execs are clearly from another planet.

  2. Couldn’t Seven air the remaining “new” King of the Hill episodes on 7Two, even if it was at some ridiculous hour? Or at least allow Fox8 to show them. Too much Family Guy coming up…

  3. Family Guy is close to being Seven’s equivalent of Two and a Half Men, fortunately it’s only for the final week of ratings season. I love double episodes of The Amazing Race though, it means we should only be one week behind the US.

  4. That is good for the family guy fans out there who have not seen some of the Episodes.There were times every Thursday where I would miss parts of an episode due to getting in from work around the time the show begins.

    The biggest mistake they ever did with Family Guy was replacing that and Glenn Robbins Out of the Question with a Full Hour of Greys Anatomy last year and part of this year…Hello Channel 7 people want laughter not full on medical programming on a Thursday Night

  5. I know it is hard to find a time slot for these shows (Family Guy, American Dad),
    because other shows are on at 7.30pm to 9.30pm

    but how about putting it on, on Saturday or Sunday on 7TWO around 8.30pm OR 9PM like GO! does with South Park.

    We would only have 1 day then of “Life – time” shows on Friday on 7TWO, but I think 1 day is more than enough.

  6. Boring… Family Guy is crap repeats everybody has seen 10000 times on DVD, I mean cmon. American Dad repeats are more entertaining as people tend to buy Family Guy on DVD instead (Don’t know why because its minimum funny).

  7. Double Castle, and Double Private Practice. That is too kind of Seven 🙂

    Is Merry Madagascar part of the Madagascar movie series? Stupid question, i know, but y’know :p

    So much Family Guy, but are they new episodes or repeats? Well some of them say rpt, but the ones that dont, are they new?

  8. Those are only American Dad repeats so I’m not fussed – I’ll take more family guy.
    Neon kitten I think you will find that all of those double eps will make most printed tv guides.
    Santa Clause 3 is a premiere so they’d never play it out of ratings.

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