The return of Nightline

wkWell that was a tad silly, then wasn’t it?

Channel Nine is returning Nightline to screens as of Monday night.

Nine’s Late News will have a name change next week that sees it resume the Nightline brand it ditched in July 2008 after more than fifteen years.

Then in May this year it introduced Nine Late News with Wendy Kingston (pictured) who had hosted Nightline.

The Late News is currently hosted by Kellie Connolly.

The restoration of Nightline as a brand is a good move, though it would have been better to have never interrupted its run at all.

Next on the “To Do” list would be a consistent starting time?

Yeah, right…


  1. @ tom tom – nine’s getting new news graphics again?

    They should just go back to the old globe look and stick with it. It was far more authoritative and recognisable than their current look.

  2. Now that the Nightline name will be restored, will the trademark theme be next? And what will the reports finish with? Will it be (for example) “Peter Harvey, (for) Nightline” or “Peter Harvey, Nine News”?

  3. Yes Russell (2:19pm), it would be nice if the WIN owned stations aired Nightline again. But somehow I don’t think a simple name change will move them (which is a shame).

  4. What next? The re-instatement of the National Nine News brand? The goodwill and prestige attached to that name accelerated the downfall of Nine’s News. Just when you think the train wreck can’t get any uglier… Perhaps they can drop the dots again so that some faceless executive can justify their existence and ridiculous salary package.

  5. This just in: Nine has announced that Nightline has been replaced by Two and a Half Men.

    Correction: Nightline will in fact be on after all.

    Breaking: Nightline is now on Go!

  6. It never really occurred to that they changed the name until you just pointed it out, and I even watch it (usually accidentally, as the time is always different as you point out David). Shows how much attention I was paying. Does that mean they will include more interviews?

  7. The start time varying is not the problem, the inaccurate EPG is the problem – especially when the news starts 5 minutes early and you miss the main stories. Or other nights you switch over to find you have to sit through 10 minutes of the previous show finishing before getting the news.

  8. Well done nine! The timing is right, I assume at 11:30 you have poeple whom work shift hours and want some daily news. You also have those night owls and people just getting in. The nightline name is necessary and there have been 2-3 feature stories these past few weeks. So I also guess they wanted to put these in and rather than call it late news with a feature story, they wanted to re-instate it as nightline. Nice wok nine.
    PS Just re-instate other shows like SOTC, Burke’s Backyard and TPIR to name a few.

  9. A positive move but doesn’t it just demonstrate the point of what a shambles Chaannel 9 is these days?

    Whoever works in programming gets paid too much (no matter what they are paid). The network has no identity anymore and has absolutely no direction.

    I can only see 9 slipping down the pegging order of networks for the foreseeable future while it chops and changes and can’t figure out where it is positioned.

  10. 1. Should go at 10.30 7 nights a week with a 5 minute local news insert for each market.
    2. Will the format be a straight news bulletin or will it have in depth reports?
    3. Will it be shown nationally? RIght now Nine affils in Adelaide, Canberra, Southern NSW, Perth, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria do not Nine’s late news.

  11. I like having the late news late – it is Nightline after all, so pelase keep it as late as possible for us night owls thanks Nine… If you want mid evening news, watch TEN at 10.30…

  12. 11:30pm is too late for nightline, it should be somewhere between 10:30 and 11pm, no later.
    Good to see some common sense has returned to nine in regards to nightline, it was a huge mistake getting rid of it in the first place.

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