1. Agree with all the knockers of Accidentally on Purpose.Glad to see it drop almost
    250K on it’s 2nd night. A little Jenna Elfman is way too much.The word from the US
    is that it wont last much longer.Same goes for Numb3rs. CBS has only ordered
    16 eps, a sure sign it’s for the chop. But even the fans think it ran out of puff a year ago.
    Cleveland was only OK. Not a patch on Family Guy or (my fave) American Dad.
    Any show with an alien channelling Paul Lynde is a work of genius to me.
    7PM Project held for a few nites before sliding, altho not as bad as Neighbours.
    Big Xmas wedding finale. Nobody cares. And if anyone mentions it’s damn demos again I’ll scream.

  2. When are ten ” seriously” going to get rid of Neighbours? We all know that it is only made for the poms. Aussies have taste and have tuned out ages ago. 500k is absolutely shocking for a season final.

  3. “Why not bring back SVU?”

    More friggen crime shows, cmon enough is enough. What next, csi: dapto, csi: outer mongolia, ncsi: svuoppnciss, blah blah blah

    enough, Enough of the crime shows (and reality medical shows too).

  4. I wish seven would market Band Of Brothers better, its a series a lot of people would enjoy yet they stuck it at a 10:30 pm slot on Sunday/Wednesday, they will never gauge the Audience for The Pacific like that.

  5. It’s failing because Ten stuffed around with it so much, I don’t see how the expect to find an audience 5 seasons in and most people who are fans would have seen it already!

    I have a feeling the same will happen with Outrageous Fortune, which is a shame cause that’s a great show!

  6. you blogged, we listened!

    yet The Office is getting crappy ratings. So what does that tell you?

    what you think is a great quality show doesn’t mean everyone else should be forced to like it. Screaming and complaining towards a Network because Your favorite show of such quality isn’t on a TV on a decent time, yet nobody tunes in thus forcing the Network to ditch the show. 1 person’s opinion doesn’t reflect on a whole nations opinion on a show. It’s not them, but maybe its you with bad taste?

    Really, what C10 should have done is put The Office at 7pm/7.30pm mon-fri just like C9 did with 2.5men a few summers back. And look what great things have happened to 2.5men. Build a audience. It’s got a lot of older eps to show as well as newer ones they can show on the fly – just like 2.5men did.

  7. I think they should swap the office and accidentally on purpose. Sitting through AOP waiting for the office is pure agony.. perhaps it’s taking away from the office’s potential? Nonetheless it’s a sad day when the office is beaten by whacked out sports.. Bogan nation anybody??

  8. Im so happy Ten are still playing new eps of 9am with david and kim, and they are back next week aswell with more new eps, so if you like them i’d go watch them before they might get axed, david is still on the show so im guessing he will work right up to end of the yr, there are awesome prizes to win on the show and i have won a nintendo wii game and a david guetta cd, so go enter ppl.

  9. @ sillygostly – I cant get over how strict the tv censors are in the US…. I just got back from a month over there and it is like a nanny state. Everything is beeped out.
    I even bought the new Lady Gaga CD and the word “Bitch” is cut down to “Bit”…. it is a joke!! If you think we are bad here feel sorry for the yanks!!

  10. Accidentally on Purpose won’t be dropped – it’s total people numbers are dreadful but it won all key demos according to “TEN times”. The Office on the other hand is doing rather badly, losing in TP and losing all demos too.

    Heartening for TEN that 7PM managed to rise above Neighbours and win demos (esp. against demo-friendly HIMYM) and heartening for Nine that Rescue was able to do so well on repeat, especially given it was only shown a few months ago.

  11. Good to see the awful Accidentally On Purpose drop off and hopefully 10 will axe it soon.And with any luck 7 will also axe the dreadful Gary Unfunny as well.

  12. Really disappointing figures for The Office. 🙁 I’m still hopeful that it’ll build an audience over time. It doesn’t help that a majority of the audience are unaware of some of the ongoing storylines (*cough* Jim/Pam’s relationship).

  13. @ Daniel H: Most episodes of Family Guys are M, not MA15+. Seven broadcast the censored FOX airings of the show and not the uncut Adult Swim (U.S. cable network) versions that are included on the DVDs, some of which would warrant the stronger MA15+ rating.

    We have so-called “family groups” to thank for our lovely FTA networks being too cowardly to broadcast MA content from 9pm.

  14. When the Hot Seat gets more viewers than Law and Order: CI even though it was a repeat, i think it means it is time to pull it.

    I love Law and Order: SVU and the original series but CI has don’t nothing for me. Ever since Chris Noth left it, it’s not the same.

  15. Good to see 7PM do well but I have been hanging out for the Mika interview and they seem to keep putting it back…
    You’d think with an hour tonight they could fit it in…
    Happy Birthday Carry!

  16. its funny that in the ‘non ratings’ period so far, nine are doing really well.
    id say its more due to sevens lack of a great line up then nine improving their line up.
    So… when’s the annual tv tonight survey gonna start!
    Fine… you can have a rest first david!

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